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Grab hold of the vibrant, abundant life Jesus offers

“Recover your life. Take a real rest. Live freely and lightly.”

When we read these words from Jesus in Matthew 11, it’s easy to think they’re for someone else. You may think they are for someone with a more laid-back personality or someone who studies God’s word all the time. Someone… anyone else… who must have their act together.

But here’s the deal. Jesus’ invitation to find real rest is for YOU. 

It’s for the you who doesn’t have their act together. The you who doesn’t have life figured out. The you who he loves and the you whose load he wants to lighten!

Our partner ministry, First15, has created a devotional book called Rhythms and was written with you in mind. And we would love to send you a copy to say thanks for your donation of $27 or more today.

Each day of this 28-day devotional invites you to break away from your normal rhythm of waking, eating, working, and sleeping to discover a spiritual rhythm that, when practiced, will lead you into a more vibrant, abundant life in every way that matters.

Every word Jesus spoke in Scripture is truth for our lives every single day. He said in the middle of this crazy world, we can find rest in him. Jesus wants to and can give us that rest, and Rhythms will guide you in that direction.

So please request your copy below — and thank you for your donation to help create more biblical resources, grounded in God’s truth, and make them accessible to anyone with a desire to study and know the word of God.

Note: We cannot ship outside the United States.

*For orders of 25 or more copies, please email [email protected].


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