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Get equipped to teach your kids about their Christian faith

How do I talk to my kids about the Bible without it feeling forced or weird?

How do I teach my kids to pray?

How do I talk to my toddlers and my teens about God?

These are the types of questions that parents are asking every day, and it can be hard to know where to look for answers and guidance when it comes to investing in your kids’ faith.

Discipleship Simplified is a digital download that includes over 80 of our best articles, podcasts, and videos on topics like:

• Faith at home

• Reading the bible

• Theology

• Prayer

• Church and worship

• Character

Once you download, you will also find conversation guides, discussion starters, even scripts to use with your kids when you just don’t know what to say (like when their feelings are hurt or when they don’t want to go to church)!

Discipleship Simplified is our gift to thank you for your donation of $8 or more to Christian Parenting. Your generosity supports the creation of biblical resources that equip parents all around the world — thank you!

Teaching your kids about Jesus at home doesn’t need to be hard, you just need the right tools, and Discipleship Simplified is here to help!


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