What is Christian Parenting?

As believing parents we know how important it is to raise our children with love and focused attention, giving them a picture of God’s love for them every day. But most days we’re stretched too thin to do more than the status quo. That leaves us feeling reactive instead of proactive, never growing into the parents we know we were created to be. And the highlight reel we see online only leaves us feeling more hopeless and inadequate, seeing a picture of perfection we’ll never measure up to.


We created Christian Parenting to give you the practical and spiritual help you need, on as many platforms and in as many ways as possible. Hundreds of thousands of parents are being transformed by our resources every day, and it’s helping people set aside perfection and actually grow into the perfectly imperfect parent they were made to be.


If you’re feeling reactive instead of proactive as a parent, too busy to find the time to grow, and too worn down by expectations of perfection, subscribe to our free email and start receiving the resources you need to become perfectly imperfect.


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