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Let’s pray our kids through the next school year!

As a Christian parent, you might sometimes feel like a dad named David who recently shared with us…

“I pray for my kids every day, but it’s easy to fall into repetition and generalities.”

It’s true. Praying consistently and with focused intention for our kids is a real challenge in the midst of family and work pressure, social media, and busy schedules.

Yet at the same time, there’s never been a more important time culturally to raise kids who know God and understand what it means to live biblically!

This is why we’ve just released the updated version of our most popular product — the parents’ prayer journal.

Called Joyful, Patient, Faithful, the journal contains 38 weeks’ worth of content that helps parents pray a specific word over your kids each week of the school year.

For example, in Week 2, the journal helps you pray fearlessness over your kids. Week 8 helps you pray for their friendships. Week 34 is all about praying purity for your children.

The resource has blessed so many parents already — including David, the dad we mentioned above. He just started using Joyful, Patient, Faithful and went on to say…

“This prayer journal helps me pray specifically, creatively, and consistently, and my wife and I love it. Thank you… you’ve blessed this dad.”

We want to bless YOU too, so please request your copy of Joyful, Patient, Faithful today.

It’s our gift to thank you for your donation to help provide more parents with the trusted guidance they need.


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