As a mom today, it’s harder than ever to instill the godly confidence our daughters so desperately need. 

And without that confidence, our daughters are left to navigate, on their own, the pressures and values of the world around them. 

That’s why we created a clear, credible, and biblical guide that gives moms like you what you really need to raise daughters who are empowered to face whatever life throws at them.

A Christian Parenting Guide: Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters is the resource you’ve been looking for to help you develop and keep a loving, secure connection with your daughter, while helping her to be confident in all that God has created her to be. 

This course is based on Terra Mattsons’ 20 years as a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist, as well as her 16 years raising two sweet girls with her husband, Jeff. And each video in Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters is designed to equip you for every age and stage of your daughter’s journey.

Choose the right course(s) for you and your daughter(s):

  • She Is Confident in God (recommended for 2nd-3rd grade girls)
  • She Is Confident in Her Changing Body (recommended for 3rd-4th grade girls)
  • She is Confident in Healthy Relationships (recommended for 5th-6th grade girls)
  • She is Confident in Her Identity (recommended for 6th-8th grade girls)
  • She is Confident in Her Story (recommended for 9th-10th grade girls)

When it comes to raising godly girls, YOU are the right mom for the job. But you don’t have to go at it alone.

That’s why I hope you’ll register for the right Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters course for your girl today.

When you do, you’ll feel the peace that comes from knowing you’re giving your daughter the godly confidence she needs to thrive — in every season of life!

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