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A fun and easy way to help your kids grow in confidence in the Lord!

Our kids will all face insecurities and challenges in their lives. That’s part of growing up (and being human!). But as Christian parents, there are certain truths we want our kids to know despite their circumstances. Our brand-new Scripture Affirmation Cards can help with that!

Each card has a unique Biblical truth and affirmation that is rooted in scripture and gives your kids a powerful tool to affirm their identity in Christ, align their thoughts with God’s Word, and give them the confidence they need to face any of the problems or insecurities kids today face, like:

  • What if I don’t make the team?
  • What if things don’t go as planned?
  • What if I feel lonely?
  • What if I feel worried?

They’re perfectly sized so your kids can bring them wherever they go and be reminded that they are loved by you and by God!

These cards are our way of saying thank you for your donation of $13 or more to continue the work of Christian Parenting and help provide more parents with the trusted guidance they need.

We’re grateful for your support of this community of perfectly imperfect parents!

P.S. We have an Easter bundle that includes these Scripture Affirmation cards and two more fun, colorful, Jesus focused resources. These are the perfect gifts for your kid’s Easter Baskets and right now the bundle is 15% off the regular price! Shop the bundle here.


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