S5Ep27: Andrew Peterson and The Wingfeather Saga

Andrew Peterson returns to the podcast this week to talk with co-hosts Mike Nawrocki and Sarah Humphrey about all the things going on with The Wingfeather Saga book and now animated series.

The Wingfeather Saga now has more than 1 million books in print, in many languages and has expanded into an animated video series in partnership with Angel Studios. Season 1 is complete and Season 2 is under production.  

There is also a new book coming in November, A Ranger's Guide to Glipwood Forest.

From Book 1:

Once, in a cottage above the cliffs on the Dark Sea of Darkness, there lived three children and their trusty dog, Nugget.

Janner Igiby, his brother, Tink, and their disabled sister, Leeli, are gifted children as all children are, loved well by a noble mother and ex-pirate grandfather. But they will need all their gifts and all that they love to survive the evil pursuit of the venomous Fangs of Dang, who have crossed the dark sea to rule the land with malice. The Igibys hold the secret to the lost legend and jewels of good King Wingfeather of the Shining Isle of Anniera. 

Full of characters rich in heart, smarts, and courage, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness is a tale children of all ages will cherish and families can listen to together. 

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S5Ep26: The World God Made

Co-hosts Sarah Humphrey and Mike Nawrocki talk with author Hannah Anderson this week about her book, The World God Made.

God gives us all the earth and calls it home.

Celebrating the wonders of nature, this retelling of Psalm 104 invites you to enjoy and explore the world God made. Moving from one feature of the natural world to the next—from the sky and earth to the animals and oceans—the book’s lyrical language introduces questions from a child’s view. What about when strong winds blow? When birds fly far away? When the night is long? Each uncertainty is met with a truth about God’s character to comfort children and give them the confidence they need to explore the world around them.

Hannah Anderson’s stirring words are joined by Nathan Anderson’s soft, realistic watercolors. Together they have created a book with a timeless aesthetic and readability, one that will resonate with families who celebrate the beauty of nature and the wisdom that comes from the world God made.

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S5Ep25: Patrick Wigglesworth’s Bizarre Bible Adventure

Hosts Mike Nawrocki and Sarah Parker talk with the married writing and illustrating team, Jack and Liz Hagler this week about their new books (and series), Patrick Wigglesworth's Bizarre Bible Adventures Over My Head and Trick Times.

Patrick Wigglesworth’s Bizarre Bible Adventures is a series of hilarious comic journals for preteens. Readers will follow 10-year-old Patrick as he draws silly comics about his weird life. Just how weird is Patrick’s life? It’s so weird that Patrick gets yanked out of his room and into the Bible! In each book, Patrick meets a different Bible character who acts as a tour guide through a portion of the Bible. For example, in this first book, Patrick meets Moses, who leads him on a journey through biblical events from Genesis to Deuteronomy. In his journal, Patrick records all of his bizarre Bible adventures (BBAs for short). Most of the journal covers Patrick’s weird daily life entries with flashbacks to a relevant Bible adventure. Of course, this journal has to be kept secret, as he’s convinced everyone would think he was crazy! To be clear, Patrick’s journal does NOT tell the real Bible stories. It’s about his Bible adventures. This is not a Bible storybook but rather a creative, humorous kid adventure that also teaches preteens about the Bible.

Jack Hagler is a pastor, teacher, executive coach, engineer, senior project manager, homeschool principal, and children’s book author with his wife of 38 years, Liz Hagler. Jack received his MDiv from Western Seminary and loves to help kids discover God’s goodness in every book of the Bible.

Liz Hagler is the illustrator of The Bible Animal Storybook (Questar Publishing, 1990) and The Early Reader’s Bible (1991) and the coauthor (with her husband, Jack) and illustrator of Hooked on the Book: Patrick’s Adventures through the Bible (2021). Liz has a BA in art and English from the University of California at Davis. She studied graphic design at California College of Arts and Crafts and has taught many years of Sunday school as well as homeschooling her three children.Liz and Jack live in Salinas, CA, and have three children, two sons-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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S5Ep24: Night Night Ocean

This week co-hosts Mike and Sarah talked with previous co-host and best-selling author Amy Parker about her new book in her Night Night series, Night Night Ocean.

Splash your way to bedtime by joining a young manatee saying "night night" to the amazing sea animals God created to swim in the ocean. Amy Parker's delightful rhymes and Virginia Allyn's sweet illustrations make Night Night, Ocean the perfect read-aloud to help transition toddlers and preschoolers to a restful night.

This adorable board book in the popular Night Night bedtime storybook brand for children 0 to 4

  • follows a little manatee saying good night to ocean friends
  • gives families a fun way to calm down for bedtime
  • teaches first learning concepts about sea life
  • features rich illustrations of dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, seahorses, and fish
  • celebrates how diversity and differences make the world a beautiful place

From the creators of Night Night, FarmNight Night, Train; and Night Night, Jungle, this vibrant bedtime story makes a sweet gift for birthdays, Christmas, and Easter. It's also a fun addition to a summer beach vacation, trip to the aquarium, or learning unit on the ocean. Treat your little one to a sleepy underwater exploration as you watch God's amazing creatures drift off to sleep and say "night night."

Amy Parker has written more than sixty books for children, teens, and adults, including the best-selling A Night Night Prayer, Thank You, God, for Mommy, and Thank You, God, for Daddy. She has collaborated with authors ranging from New York Times bestsellers to her very own son. Two of these collaborations—Firebird and Courageous Teens—are recipients of Christian Retailing’s Best Awards. But Amy’s greatest reward is being a wife to Daniel and a mom to their amazing sons, Michael and Ethan.

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S5ep23: Amy Carmichael

Co-hosts Mike Nawrocki and Sarah Humphrey talk this week with author Hunter Beless about her new book, Amy Carmichael: The Brown-Eyed Girl Who Learned to Pray.

At a time when being a single female missionary was extremely costly, Amy Carmichael spent her life sharing Christ’s love with hundreds of women and children in Asia. Along the way, she adapted to fit into cultures very different from her own, learned to depend on God in prayer, and became a mother to many children who had been sold, kidnapped, outcast, or abandoned.

Her inspiring resolve to follow Christ and her sincere commitment to his word make her a great role model for young children and will enthuse them about the great things they can do for God too. This beautiful hardback book features beautiful illustrations and extra facts in the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos. 

Hunter and her husband, Brooks, have four amazing kiddos who love learning and who memorize Scripture way faster than their mama! When they’re not reading, seeing, saying, or singing the Bible, you can find the Beless family camping, riding bikes, or snuggling up with a good book. You can find her on Instagram or on the Journeywomen Podcast.

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S5Ep22: My Tender Heart Bible

This week Mike and Sarah talked with author and returning guest Laura Sassi about her new book, My Tender Heart Bible.

With sweet, rhyming text and whimsical illustrations, My Tender Heart Bible features beloved and classic Bible stories for beginner readers.

Bestselling author Laura Sassi pairs simple yet creative paraphrasing of Old and New Testament re-tellings with a “Heart Moment” for families to read aloud and pray. Scripture references are noted with each story that tell of God’s redemption plan for even more exploration together! My Tender Heart Bible:

• Makes the Bible memorable and accessible for young readers

• Helps kids think deeper about what the Bible says about God’s creation, His plan for humanity, and His love for all of people as His children

• Is perfect as bedtime reading for your toddlers and little ones, especially during the holiday season

• Offers details in the artwork for little ones to enjoy and find for “point and learn” discovery

• Serve as a base for introductory Bible discussion

• Includes an inviting cover and sturdy pages for little hands

• Makes a great gift for Easter, new baby, christening, baptism, baby showers, new grandchildren, curious toddlers, and boys and girls ages 0 to 4 years old

From Creation to Abraham to Moses and Jesus, God’s story of redemption is told through each individual story and as a collection. Look in the mirror and thank God for making you unique—what makes you different from others you see in your neighborhood? Can you count the stars and make your hands twinkle? Flap your arms like the dove that appeared when John the Baptist baptized Jesus. How many coats and blankets can you spread out for Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem? Let’s read the stories and celebrate God’s perfect plan from the marvelous beginning of Creation through Easter’s glorious hope made known by Jesus’ resurrection.

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S5Ep21: The Miracle of You

Mike and Sarah visit with author Cleere Cherry this week about her new book, The Miracle of You.

A lyrical picture book from Cleere Cherry Reaves of the popular brand Cleerely Stated, The Miracle of You celebrates the unconditional love of a parent and the uniqueness of your child among all the beauty of God's creation.

From the creatures that swim deep in the sea to the galaxies that reach far and wide, the world is filled with the color and creativity of God. Yet nothing compares to experiencing His miraculous design like the gift of the child He has given you.

When Cleere Cherry Reaves's son was born three months prematurely, Cleere and her husband watched as their child--their miracle--fought for his life, developed, and began to thrive. In The Miracle of You, Cleere's poetic words speak for every parent and grandparent in awe at the God-given miracle of their little ones.

This read-aloud book for boys and girls ages 4 to 8

  • pairs heartwarming rhymes with whimsical artwork;
  • teaches children that Jesus is the giver of miracles;
  • is a perfect gift for a baby shower, baptism, baby dedication, child's birthday, or Mother's Day;
  • serves as a stunning decorative piece in nurseries and children's bedrooms; and
  • builds a healthy self-esteem in kids, focusing on who they are, not what they do.

A love letter to the child of your heart, The Miracle of You reminds children that they are more marvelous than anything else God created and loved beyond anything they could ever imagine.

S5Ep20: The Bible for Me: Family Devotional

This week co-hosts Mike Nawrocki and Sarah Humphrey welcome back prior co-host and author Amy Parker. Sarah gets to talk with Mike and Amy about new titles in the Bible for Me brand.

New titles include the Bible for Me: Bible Stories & Prayers Family Devotional, Coloring book, and Memory Verse Matching Card game!

The Bible Stories & Prayers Family Devotional features 50 new devotionals written by Mike and Amy each ending with a prayer which can be easily personalized with your child's name when reading. The devotionals cover the same 50 stories presented in the Bible for Me: Bible Stories and Prayers Bible Storybook and can be used as a companion to it or alone.

The Bible Stories & Prayers Coloring Book includes 50 stories which go along with the Bible for Me: Bible Stories & Prayers Bible Storybook and Family Devotional book. Printed on heavy paper with perforated pages so the new masterpieces can easily be torn out to post proudly. Includes stories Genesis thru Revelation. Each story includes verse references and Title so kids can continue learning about the Bible.

The Bible Matching and Memory Game is more than just a game. Kids will love matching their favorite characters from the Old and New Testament and parents will love their kids learning their stories and seeing their kids' biblical knowledge grow. Includes:

  • 25 pairs from the OT and NT in two decks
  • Each pair includes character name, story and scripture reference and memory verse
  • Bible verse is half on each card so when matched they can read and learn the entire verse.

The Bible for Me family of products is available from Amazon or soon from TheBibleforKids.com website.

S5Ep19: I Made the Earth

This week co-hosts Sarah Humphrey and Mike Nawrocki talk with author Shannon Cook about her new book, I Made the Earth.

Did you know that God not only made the earth … He really enjoys it too! 

“I Made the Earth” is an Earth Day book from God’s perspective. Each rhyming verse tells the reader something beautiful or unique on this earth God made for us to enjoy―things like waterfalls, forests, and the coral reef. Included are reminders to take care of God’s creation. The reader also learns that through creation, he or she can learn about God Himself.

The book also includes end matter just for parents including ways little people can make a big impact, and fun facts about Earth Day!