S5Ep18: The Dead Sea Squirrels

This is a fun week as we change this up a bit and have a chat and celebration for the launch of the 11th book in Mike Nawrocki's The Dead Sea Squirrels early reader series.  Mike and co-host author Sarah Humphrey chat with the crew at Tyndale Kids about the series how the book is put together, the illustration process and marketing.

You'll enjoy this behind the scenes look into the publishing process and learn more about all the squirrelly things going on!

In book 11, Merle and Pearl have been separated! While Pearl is back with the Gomez family, Merle finds himself scurrying through the Holy Land with Dave, a honey-loving, talking lizard. Together, Merle and Dave must brave the perils of the Israeli wilderness in the hopes of reuniting Merle with his friends and foiling Dr. Simon’s evil plan. Get ready for more daring escapes, hilarious jokes, and squirrel origami as Merle and Pearl try to make their way back to each other. Will they find each other before Dr. Simon does?

Readers will learn about Jesus calling his disciples and the Kingdom of God.

S5Ep17: Her Story, Her Strength

This week Mike and Sarah talk with author Sarah Parker Rubio about her new book, Her Story, Her Strength: 50 God-Empowered Woman of the Bible.

Girls are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image. This comprehensive collection of stories focused on 50 women of the Bible shows how God worked in their lives and continues to have a plan and a purpose for his beloved daughters today.

In a world that too often tells girls that they are not enough, Her Story, Her Strength uses biblical retellings and reflections that include the historical context behind each story to remind young women that they have a God who loves them deeply and empowers them to live and love like he does. For any girl ages 8 and up who is asking questions about her worth, identity, and place in the world and church, this colorful and engaging book provides a positive, loving, and scriptural lens that helps them interpret the messages they receive from their peers, media, and society.

Girls who read Her Story, Her Strength will:

  • come to a profound, unshakable understanding of God’s love for them and their value in his eyes.
  • see how they reflect God’s image both innately and through the actions, words, and attitudes they choose each day.
  • learn about biblical characters and events in a way designed specifically for them.

In addition, Her Story, Her Strength:

  • features readers’ favorite women of the Bible as well as many less-well-known characters, showing God’s consistent presence in the lives of women throughout Scripture.
  • is divided into short sections that are both comprehensive and accessible, making it a wonderful tool for school or church lessons as well as family devotions or personal reflection.
  • emphasizes how each woman reflects the image of her Creator, demonstrating the immense value God places on women and girls and pointing them back to him—all from a position rooted in biblical values.
  • includes beautiful, full-color illustrations that help bring each woman to life.

S5Ep16: Since the Baby Came

This week hosts Mike Nawrocki and Sarah Humphrey talk with author Kathleen Long Bostrom about her new book, Since the Baby Came: A Sibling's Learning-to-Love Story in 16 Poems.

This charming, playful story-in-verse introduces children to a variety of different poetic forms while walking them through all the twists and turns of welcoming a new baby into the family.

Mama is having a baby.
Everything’s starting to change.
God, can you tell me what happened?
Life is becoming so strange.

Since the Baby Came offers a unique take on a timeless topic. The heartfelt and humorous drama unfolds completely in verse, addressing the full range of emotions a young child experiences when a new baby joins the family—from surprise and confusion to feelings of neglect and jealousy to wholehearted tenderness and affection. The book also introduces young children to the playfulness and fun of various forms of poetry, from senryu to villanelle. 

Look out! It’s a diaper volcano!
Forgive me for being abrupt.
There isn’t much time to explain—OH!
That thing is about to erupt!

Like Me: A Story About Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person

This week Mike and Sarah interview author Laura Wifler about her new book, Like Me: A Story About Disability and Discovering God's Image in Every Person.

This children’s picture book follows a sibling of a child with a disability as they go through their day. A simple story with an important message, Like Me helps kids recognize the many similarities they share with disabled kids and model a loving and understanding approach to the differences.    

“God made you, God loves you, God is kind to you.”

It can be hard for children to take those three life-changing truths into their hearts and treat others with love and understanding, especially when they encounter those whose needs differ drastically from theirs.

Through a sibling’s eyes, young readers will tag along on a day of a child with a disability. As the two siblings play with friends, go to therapy, and spend time with family, relatable comparisons will help children understand a different type of family life, building empathy for children with disabilities along the way.

Like Me opens the door to meaningful talks with your child about empathy, compassion, diversity, and God’s love for them and others.

Laura Wifler is the cofounder of Risen Motherhood, the executive director and cohost of the podcast, and coauthor of Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments. Laura, her husband and her three children live in central Iowa.

40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood

This week on The Bible for Kids podcast we have one for all the moms out there! Mike talks with co-host and author Sarah Humphrey about her new book, 40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood.

40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood offers mothers the chance to dive more deeply into what it means to understand your identity, let go of comparison, and embrace the beautiful mess that so often defines motherhood. With poignant truths on self-care, grace, and spirituality, Humphrey shares her wisdom for the joyful moments, the difficult moments, and each moment in between. Humphrey’s devotional provides reflection and contemplation amidst the hurry of motherhood, and encourages mothers to meditate on their own unique and invaluable identity.

Spanning 40 days, Humphrey draws from her own experience to offer readers authentic and thoughtful advice on how to slow down, be present, and meditate on God’s word―even when life seems out of control. Humphrey’s devotional touches on topics such as:

  • Understanding your identity
  • Learning to nurture yourself
  • Transforming your habits
  • Letting go of comparison
  • Coping with loss
  • Setting boundaries and finding support

Humphrey’s thoughtful, sincere advice and heartfelt observations are an encouragement to readers in this soul-stirring devotional dedicated to the beauty (and mess) of motherhood.

Before You Meet Your Future Husband

This week hosts Sarah Humprey and Mike Nawrocki talk with returning guest Tricia Goyer about her new book co-written with Robin Gun, Before You Meet Your Future Husband: 30 Questions to Ask Yourself and 30 Heartfelt Prayers.

Bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn teams up with author and teen advocate Tricia Goyer on a devotional for young single women to help them establish God-honoring thinking and beliefs that will lay a firm foundation for their future marriage.

Movies, television, and novels feature glamorous portrayals of dating and marriage, giving us unrealistic expectations of what true love looks like. A beautiful counterpoint to those dreamy fantasies, Before You Meet Your Future Husband focuses on three areas you, as a young woman, need to address in preparing for marriage:

• your heart—nurturing a place where healthy love can grow
• your head—realigning your thoughts with biblical truth
• your hands—learning to make the most of your God-given potential

This uplifting, interactive devotional helps you approach dating from a place of peace and strength, whether you’re in a relationship now or simply hope to be married one day. With a focus on your own transformation, Before You Meet Your Future Husband offers biblical guidance, real-life stories, thought-provoking questions, and intentional prayers to help you prepare now for the future God has in store for you.

Discover the freedom and contentment that come from preparing for a God-honoring, life-giving relationship.

The Go and Tell Bible Storybook

This week Mike and Sarah talk with author Laura Richie about her new book, The Go and Tell Bible Storybook.

Jesus’ good work didn’t end when He returned to His Father—God’s Spirit came and continued the rescue!

Follow along through 30 Bible stories that show how the Holy Spirit came and what Jesus’ friends did. Experience the adventures of Peter, Paul, and other believers from the Pentecost celebration through the Acts of the Apostles.

These stories will keep your child amazed, engaged, and inspired with:

  • a key Bible verse at the beginning of each story
  • a conversation-starting question at the end of each story
  • beautiful illustrations and intriguing maps
  • learning opportunities for the littlest hearts to share the love of Jesus

Read the stories for a month as a daily family devotional or throughout the year. Get excited to go and tell how Jesus makes everything good and new!

Laura Richie is a wife, homeschooling mom and registered nurse. A missionary kid for several years, Laura confesses she didn’t truly understand her need to be rescued until later in life. Now she delights in sharing the beauty and grace of her Rescuer through her books, The Advent StorybookThe Easter Storybook and the latest release of The Go-and-Tell StorybookLaura resides in Oklahoma with her husband and four children. For more information or to connect with Richie, visit https://laurarichie.com/.

Raising Prayful Kids

This week Mike and Sarah talk with author Steph Thurling, executive director of Christian Parenting and host of the Christian Parenting Podcast, about her latest book, Raising Prayerful Kids.

More than a book, Raising Prayerful Kids is a tool parents can use to make prayer fit naturally into their daily routines without it feeling like a chore or a lecture.

Relatable stories of the authors’ successes and failures along with fun activities and games help parents turn everyday moments into faith-filled moments that are naturally filled with prayer.

Praying with your kids can be connecting, fun, nonintimidating, and even life changing.

Steph has her master’s in youth, family, and culture from Fuller Theological Seminary and has a background in youth and children’s ministry. She co-founded the ministry Raising Prayerful Kids with her friend, Sarah Holmostrom and she is co-author Raising Prayerful Kids, a book that shares easy, life-giving, and fun ways to teach kids to pray. She loves helping families grow closer to each other and to God through meaningful experiences and conversations. Steph is a frequent speaker at churches and mom groups and is known for her relatable stories, practical ideas, and gentle encouragement.

Steph lives in Minnesota with her husband and three amazing and hilarious kids. When she is not hanging out with her family, you can probably find her on a walk with a friend, organizing things that won’t stay organized, or somewhere cozy reading a book.

Count Yourself Calm

This week Mike and Sarah talked with author Eliza Huie about her new book, Count Yourself Calm: Taking Big Feelings to a Big God.

Teach children a calming activity that focuses their attention on God and helps them manage their emotions.

This beautifully illustrated and empathetically written book walks children through a calming activity that focuses their attention on God and helps them manage their emotions.

Through a combination of slow breathing, prayer, and focusing on five things about God and his good gifts, children will learn to count themselves calm. Children can practise this calming activity while you read them the book and then use it when they feel upset, sad, angry, worried, anxious, or scared.

This resource is a great tool to equip children 4-7 years old to regulate their emotions and calm down.

Eliza is a counselor, author, speaker, and trainer committed to providing care and resources for the whole person. Trained both biblically and clinically, she understands the complexities people face in their spiritual, emotional, and physical lives.

She holds a Master of Arts in Counseling and has advanced certificates in biblical counseling from The Christian Counseling Educational Foundation (CCEF) and The Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC). She is also a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC/LCP) and has specialized training in trauma care, including EMDR. Eliza’s approach to clinical psychology reflects an unwavering commitment to a Christian worldview and therefore any utilization of clinical methodologies to any degree are modified to reflect and align with this worldview.