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  • A Few Taglines for Parents

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    Businesses come up with a catchy or memorable phrase that sums up their brand. It’s called a tagline. Some are funny; others are thoughtful. Nike’s is “Just Do It,” which sounds better than “You can’t burn a bunch of calories unless you actually get off the chair.” Dunkin’ Donuts’ tagline is “America Runs on Dunkin,”…
    • Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep 1.8): If You Only Knew

      CP Podcast Image - Jamie Ivey image (1)
      Jamie Ivey joins us this week to talk about fear, control, shame, and vulnerability. Jamie and her husband Aaron Ivey are both biological and adoptive parents; she writes, speaks, and hosts a renowned Christian podcast “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.” As we discuss the parenting journey that the Lord has had the Iveys on…
      • Faith in the Hard Places

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        A Note From Cynthia: Did you know that the chances of winning the lottery are one in 175,000,000? Did you know that the chances of a child getting cancer are one in 285? Natalie Hildebrand is all too aware of these statistics, having recently faced a cancer diagnosis with her young daughter. Natalie wrote the…
      • Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep 1.7): Miracle in Progress with Chip Waggoner

        Chip & Benjamin Waggoner
        When Fox 4 News Anchor Chip Waggoner and his wife heard that the baby she was carrying would endure significant challenges from birth, they started on a journey they never anticipated taking. In this episode, Chip and his son, Benjamin, join us to share the blessings they have experienced despite the difficulties Benjamin has endured…
          • Are Parents Ruining Youth Sports?

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            A NOTE FROM CYNTHIA: Hey Guys, We are so excited to bring you an article and podcast this week talking about youth sports. This is a topic that we are asked about over and over, because it easy to mess it up if we aren’t careful. Let me start by saying this: I’m the least athletic…