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  • Family Day of Thankfulness

    A Note from Cynthia It’s November and Thanksgiving is on the brain for most of us. This week, we are excited to bring you a story of thankfulness from one of our Christian Parenting readers. Julie Sparks is a mother of five who writes about some raw moments in her parenting journey and how the…
      • Retail’s Quick Change from Candy to Christmas

        2018.11.06 CP Wordpress Featured Image Template
        I went to Walmart the day after Halloween. The “fun-size” candy was on the discount rack, and the Christmas wrap, ornaments, nativity sets, decorations, candy canes, etc., etc., etc. were rapidly being stocked on every open shelf, rack, and display. I’m pretty sure I saw a Thanksgiving turkey or two, but, let’s face it, as…
      • When Shining Shoes Changes Lives

        2018.10.30 CP Wordpress Featured Image Template-2
        A seventy-six-year-old man from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, lived a modest life by the world’s standards. Struggling with learning disabilities, he dropped out of school after eighth grade. He then began shining shoes, earning no more than $10,000 annually. He recently passed away, and his death was widely reported in the media. Why? Because Albert Lexie saved…
        • Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep 1.11): Bob Goff on Love Does for Kids *Part Two*

          Bob Goff Part 2-5
          Bob Goff has the remarkable gifting of relaying his life adventures in a way that points you back to Jesus and challenges you to live life differently. We talk about the gift we are to those around us when we choose to be “available” to them and truly present. We also talk candidly about seeing…
          • Keep The Faith

            2018.10.23 CP Wordpress Featured Image Template
            I recently ran across an article talking about the number one reason teens keep the faith as young adults. The article discusses the link between how faith is demonstrated at home and the likelihood that kids will keep the faith as young adults. Am I the only one who reads the words “keep the faith”…