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  • Help Your Kids Believe the Bible

    2019.01.22 CP Wordpress Featured Image Template
    Parents play a key role in helping their kids trust the word of God. If you believe every word of Scripture is truth, your kids will, at the very least, consider that possibility themselves. One of the most devastating arguments that took place in our American culture occurred in the early 1980s. (Is that the…
    • Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep 2.1): Cheryl Scruggs – Hope for Marriages

      Cheryl Scruggs
      Cheryl Scruggs knows firsthand the difficulties that come with marriage. After divorcing her husband, Jeff, in the midst of her own infidelity, Cheryl realized the lies she believed in her first marriage and the critical importance of having Jesus central in her relationships. Now remarried to Jeff, she talks vulnerably about working through the daily…
      • Why is there only one way to God?

        2019.01.15 CP Wordpress Featured Image Template
        Questions Kids Ask: A Note From Cynthia If your kids are anything like mine, they have been known to throw out questions about God that would leave even the greatest theologian stumbling over his words: “Who created God, or has he just always been there?” “Why does God allow good people to suffer?” Another fan…
      • Joanna Gaines’ New Year’s resolution to “live for now”

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        If you didn’t catch Joanna Gaines’ New Year’s resolution on social media, it was so perfect for all of us in the throes of raising kids. I think that’s why they are such a popular part of our culture—they are the quintessential, all-American family trying to raise good kids while juggling careers and all that…
        • One More Gift

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          There was a new gaming system that had come out for the Christmas holiday, but our boys didn’t ask for it. They had a LOT of games and devices for their old system (which wasn’t very old). The new system wouldn’t run those games and would require replacements. So, they didn’t ask for the new…
          • Why I’m Disappointing My Kids This Christmas

            2018.12.18 CP Wordpress Featured Image Template
            Merry Christmas! We hope you are enjoying the season and getting lots of opportunities to enjoy family and friends in spite of the crazy that comes with the last few weeks before the big day! We are thrilled to have Rebecca Carrell today as our guest author for Christian Parenting. Rebecca is married to Mike…