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  • Answering the Call

    Six hundred and twenty-three days. That’s one year, eight months, and thirteen days that have passed since the day we first received the Lord’s greatest blessing on our family. He came into our house as a foster baby, and on November 21, 2017, we will have the great blessing of adopting him into our family.…
    • The Shooting: When Your Kids Ask

      In light of the shooting at First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs, your kids will ask some hard questions, and “Why didn’t God stop him?” is probably in the top five. Why didn’t God stop the crazy man from shooting people in a church service? If God was going to protect anyone, wouldn’t it be a…
      • A note from ChristianParenting

        ChristianParenting.org is pleased to announce Cynthia Yanof as the new brand manager for the ministry. Cynthia brings a unique set of gifts and talents that will help expand and enrich the existing content we provide our readers. The “remodeling” process is in full swing, but, like most renovations, the project is taking longer than expected.…
      • I’m Given Wisdom | Teen Devotional

        My Bible Reading: He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding. (Ephesians 1:8) Do you know your IQ? Just how smart are you? Some people seem to be naturally smart and are perfect 4.0 students. Others have to really work to make good grades. So does becoming a Christ follower…
        • Raising Kids to Leave

          primary education, friendship, childhood and people concept - group of happy elementary school students with backpacks running outdoors
          The coupon arrived from the bed and bath store saying, “Campus Bound: 20% off your entire purchase.” I looked at mine and wondered who I should give it to this year. That store will be filled this month with extra-long twin sheets, mattress covers, shower caddies, and desk lamps. It is also filled with moms…
          • ChristianParenting Podcast | Porn and Your Kids

            Dr David Henderson
            As pornography becomes more acceptable to mainstream society, Christian parents must become proactive in their approach to dialoguing about it with their children. Rebecca Carrell discusses this challenge with Dr. David Henderson, who offers several suggestions for how to approach the subject of sexuality in a positive, shameless, “curiosity about sex is normal” way. Might…