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  • God Gave Them Wings

    Christian radio stations may cause a certain number of fender benders this month. Every May, they dust off the song “Give Them Wings” by Mark Harris, and parents of kids graduating to the next level of school tear up and lose sight of the road or the car in front of them. If your child…
    • To the Mom Whose Kid Didn’t Make the Honor Society

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      It’s that time of year. The school year is ending and, with that, brings all the accolades and recognition of school-year achievements. Every time I look at social media (including my own accounts), I see pictures posted of kids receiving certificates for academics or trophies for sports, or the excitement as seniors get accepted to…
      • Teaching Kids to Copy the God Stuff

        We teach our kids to copy others from the beginning, and that can be a good thing. Modeling behaviors is how they learn to hold a spoon, play with a toy, and treat other people. We took our four-year-old granddaughter to her soccer game the other day. The entire coaching strategy was to model the…
      • I’m Sorry?

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        I have a teenage daughter. She loves the Lord, she’s funny, she’s sports obsessed, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. That being said, she has teenage tendencies that ever so often make my skin crawl. She went through this stage a few years back where her apologies were driving me crazy. I would get…
        • Worry-Free Days Ahead

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          There’s a lot we need to teach our kids to be careful about, but, if we aren’t careful what we say, we might be teaching our kids to worry. And according to Matthew 6, if we teach our kids to worry, we are teaching them to disobey a command. When Jesus said “do not worry,”…
          • When Grief Builds a Church

            In the middle of my neighborhood, a chapel sits on approximately thirteen acres of prairie land. This pretty, little, white church is my happy place each morning when I load up my little one in the stroller and go exercise (by each morning, I mean twice a week at best, and I rarely break a…