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  • The Gift of Inclusion

    Sometimes the greatest gift you can give another person is to simply include them.
    I can trace it back to about second grade. That’s my first memory of some kids being included while others were left out. Here’s how it went. The Wedding The wedding of the year was in the works for many months before the big day arrived. Bridesmaids were picked, groomsmen named, someone brought a few…
    • Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep 1.9): Lisa Clark on Sinners Raising Sinners

      Lisa Clark
      How can we love God more than we love our children? How can we let go of our struggle with control, for the benefit of our children and ourselves? Author Lisa Clark joins us to talk about raising children who take responsibility, who listen to God’s voice, and who follow him. Though it can be…
      • All Kids will Face a Goliath or Two

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        It’s our “parental instinct” to jump in between angry giants and our kids. After all, isn’t it our job to protect them from danger? That answer is yes, but only until they should begin learning to protect themselves. Most school teachers will tell you those lessons should come much sooner than you think. It is…
      • A Time Such as This

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        I’ve been praying the last few days about what the Lord would have me write this week. How he would want me to write words that have meaning, not just words for the sake of words. There’s no shortage of articles published each day. I’ve prayed that our words at Christian Parenting will be useful…
        • A Few Taglines for Parents

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          Businesses come up with a catchy or memorable phrase that sums up their brand. It’s called a tagline. Some are funny; others are thoughtful. Nike’s is “Just Do It,” which sounds better than “You can’t burn a bunch of calories unless you actually get off the chair.” Dunkin’ Donuts’ tagline is “America Runs on Dunkin,”…
          • Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep 1.8): If You Only Knew

            CP Podcast Image - Jamie Ivey image (1)
            Jamie Ivey joins us this week to talk about fear, control, shame, and vulnerability. Jamie and her husband Aaron Ivey are both biological and adoptive parents; she writes, speaks, and hosts a renowned Christian podcast “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.” As we discuss the parenting journey that the Lord has had the Iveys on…