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  • A Mother–Daughter Conversation about Words [Excerpt]

    An excerpt from Between Us Girls by Trish Donohue It’s hard not to giggle at someone repeating a tongue twister. Her mouth contorts, and her words clog up like cars in a traffic jam. Let’s try one: “toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.” Go ahead, say it. Now say it faster.…
  • #Doesn’tPlayWellWithOthers and Other Myths  

    Young family together outside of their home
    Jairus’s daughter. John Updike. Condoleezza Rice. Cary Grant. Chelsea Clinton. My grandmother. And my mother. Do you think “most selfish people in the world” when you hear these names and labels? Neither do I. But they were or are all only children. And the stereotype of only children is that they refuse to share, act…
  • Dear Mom With the Difficult Kid

    Portrait of unhappy, upset , crying child boy
    Then little children were brought to Jesus for Him to place His hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked those who brought them. Jesus said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” When He had…
  • Why God Needs Fathers

    A father came home from work to find his little girl brushing the dog’s teeth with his toothbrush. He was horrified and asked her what she was doing. She said, “Oh, don’t worry, daddy, I’ll put it back like I always do.” Fathers deserve a day. You’ve heard the bad news about men and fathers:…
  • Nine Signs You are Parenting Teenagers

    Teenage Boy Checking Freshness Of Clothes In Wardrobe
    Yesterday they were a squishy ball of Johnson and Johnson’s scented newborn perfection, setting off the “need-to-have-a-baby-right-now pheromones” of women within a hundred miles. And now, just ten minutes later, they’ve become one of those eye-rolling, eternally oversleeping monsters called a teenager. Here are nine signs you’re raising one of them. You go through a…
  • Calling Strong Fathers [Book Excerpt]

    Strong Fathers-Daughters COVER 5-16-16
    The glory of children is their fathers. —Proverbs 17:6 I don’t know why you picked up this book. Maybe someone recommended it, or perhaps your wife or a friend gave it to you. I don’t know if you’re examining it in a bookstore or skimming it while riding on a commuter train. But if you…


  • Called to Coach

    Baseball boy giving coach a high five during a game.
    A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime. ~Billy Graham From my earliest years, all I wanted to do was play baseball. I was fortunate enough to play baseball in high school and college. I’m a lawyer now, but on the side, I coach both baseball…
  • The Perfect Gift [Video]

    It’s tough to find, especially if you can’t remember the name of it. Watch the Skitzy Chicks try to find their husbands the perfect gift.
  • I’m Scared to Hold a Baby

    Few things in life scare me as much as holding another person’s child. I know that sounds weird, but allow me the opportunity to unpack my emotions for a moment. I think my fear stems from a few places. One, I flat out don’t know how to hold a baby. I feel like this little,…
    • A Dad’s Toolbox

      Tools renovation on wooden background
      I can’t think of many things I’ve enjoyed more in my life than being a dad. Of course, there have been a few hard, even disappointing times, but not many. Kids will always be kids and I know I sure made my share of mistakes, learning how to be a father by trial and error…
    • A Bookseller Recommends Parenting Favorites

      Did you know? 4.3 babies are born into this world every second. That extrapolates out to 255 born per minute, or 353,000 new faces each year. These numbers, in turn, indicate a whole lot of new fathers and mothers are created simultaneously. You may say, “But many of those new babies are not the only…
    • Delivery Room [Video]

      In this short clip, comedian Michael Jr shares what happened in the moments after his wife gave birth to their child, when he realized the power of a father’s voice.
      • Parenting After the Diploma

        Proud father preparing his son for graduation
        Your child’s new diploma has been hung for display or packed. Leftover invitations have said their last words in your recycle bin and are off to be remade into something else. Change is in the air. Your son or daughter has just finished their degree. And as for you? Your primary role in their life…
      • Dear Dads: Spell FAME backwards

        Father and son lying with their hands on cheeck. Young boy and his dad smiling and looking at camera. Portrait of happy family playing with tent in the garden.
        If you are a father, you can be famous. Just spell fame backwards: Every Man As Father. What if we measured the fame of men in terms of the kind of fathers they are striving to become? How would that change and benefit your family? How would that change and benefit our Christian culture as…
      • Who is pureHOPE? An Interview with CEO Noel Bouché

        purehope logo
        Part of parenting kids so they know and love God involves addressing our culture’s confusing views on sexuality. ChristianParenting.org is pleased to partner with pureHOPE, a ministry with a mission to “inspire and equip believers to flourish in our sexually exploitative age and lead their families and communities to do the same.” In the coming…
        • An Open Letter to the Cincinnati Zoo Mom

          Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.51.02 PM
          Editor’s Note: We are grateful to our contributors Jim and Lynne Jackson, with Connected Families, for penning this response to the uproar stemming from the Cincinnati Zoo incident. We encourage you to read this post and this post, as well, to help inform your thinking about this event, and your response to it, as a Christ-follower.…
        • Remember When Summer Was Relaxing?

          sandwich making
          It’s clearly a new day when it comes to planning out our kids’ summer. My memory may fail me, but I can’t remember one time when I overheard my parents discussing which camps their three kids were going to attend, coordinating dates to ensure we had friends with us, and trying to decide what educational…
        • Creative Ideas for Vacationing With Scripture

          Three children and  mother in the car looking  and waving their hands,  as if saying goodbye to somebody while traveling for a vacation. Selective Focus, focus is on the girl
          Consider having a theme verse for your summer trip. I’ll share a couple of examples to get you thinking.  “Do everything without complaining or arguing.” Philippians 2:14 Vacations may be fun, but often present numerous opportunities for arguing and complaining. Going into the trip, with the more positive mindset of this verse can be helpful and…
          • The Importance of Establishing Family Traditions

            Couple Enjoying Pizza In Front Of TV
            On Friday night, my kids never ask what’s for dinner or what we are doing. Somewhere along our family’s history, Friday was dubbed Pizza Movie Night. Every Friday, with very few exceptions, we order pizza and all settle in on the brown sofa with some overflow onto the loveseat. We pour our soda into cups,…
          • ‘A Graduation Prayer’ [Video]

            From our friends the Skitzy Chicks, a new video for parents of graduates. What do we tell God as we watch our children prepare for the next phase of their lives?  
          • How to Raise a Narcissist

            asian father and elementary-age son sitting on grass outdoors having a serious conversation.
            We might also title this: “Four Things You Don’t Want to Do in Parenting.” The term “narcissism” is thrown around quite a bit nowadays. It is often applied to someone who is very self-centered. Actually, narcissism is a rather rare mental disorder. A narcissist has an inflated sense of importance, lacks interest in other people,…
            • Milestones and Magic

              The school year is almost over, so you would think that I’d be over crying at drop-off. And yet, I am not . . . which is actually kind of surprising, considering I’m not the most sentimental of moms and this is our third time experiencing the whole Kindergarten thing. I blame it on turning…
            • ‘Slow Down’ by Nichole Nordeman

              Dedicated to: ~ all the mommies attending Kindergarten graduation. ~ all the parents of high school graduates. ~ all the dads about to give their daughters in marriage.    
            • Kids’ Summer Cooking School: Ice Cream in a Bag

              One of my favorite date nights is attending a cooking class with my honey-pie. We cook together, we eat chocolate and/or steak, and sip wine. It’s so very romantic! I’ve always wanted to enroll our kids in the classes as well, but they are too expensive for our budget. Our library offers kid’s cooking classes occasionally…
              • 3 Questions to Help Determine a Yes or No Response

                Childrens choice
                Do you sometimes feel like you are the Enforcer? Being the parent police is taxing! We hate it. The kids hate it. Family life is filled with countless decisions. Thinking through every activity, deciding whether or not to give the go-ahead nod or deliver the dreaded no is exhausting. No matter the age of your kiddo, youngster to young adult, constantly…
              • Graduating a Child: A Pity Party for One

                young female graduate hugging her friend at graduation ceremony
                I’m having a pity party for one today—a full-blown sobfest because today is the second-to-last day of high school for my firstborn. I’ve been holding up pretty well this year; random welling up when I talk too long about her graduating and going off to college, but on the whole, I have remained upbeat and…
              • Make the Most of Your Teens’ Hard Questions

                Note: Win a copy of Tom Gilson’s Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality with TEENS. Children are question-asking machines, aren’t they? They can drive a parent crazy! “Daddy, why is the sky blue?” “Mommy, who made God?” Innocent questions like those are replaced as they get older, though. “What do you mean,…
                • An Open Letter to My Kids After Mother’s Day

                  kids MD note
                  To My Wonderful Kids, You are loved beyond description. Becoming a mother thirteen years ago has forever changed my life, and I’m so thankful the Lord chose me to be your mom. I have loved every single stage—cooing newborn, busy toddler, the sporty grade school years, and now we even have a teenager in the…
                • The Stress Test for Test Stress

                  The debate continues. Is standardized testing a good idea? Does a standardized test prove your child’s ability to succeed in the future or just stress them out in the present? Does the ability to circle the picture that goes with the word prove that parents, teachers, and students have achieved success or does it prove…
                • When Being a Good Mom Doesn’t Seem Good Enough

                  sfondo festivo con cuoricini
                  Nobody intentionally sets out to fail as a parent. No one plans on raising an ax murderer. I’ve never met a mom who lies in bed at night envisioning how to mess up her kids. I have, however, met many parents who can’t sleep at night because they worry—a lot—about the fruit of their loins.…
                  • My Daughter’s Eye-Opening Prayer

                    Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting on the bridge at the day time
                    We all have that one child, don’t we? You know what I’m talking about, even if you don’t want to admit it! It’s the child that gets under your skin more than the others by either acting just like you or by acting so differently than you that you can’t even fathom understanding what’s going…
                  • 10 Reasons I Could Still Take My Younger Self

                    my goals list on napkin and coffee
                    I’m in one of my “time to reorganize and realign my life” phases, so it’s time to start the list-making, goal-writing, timeline-creating madness we all know and love. To reflect on the year’s progress up to now, picking out what went well, what I loved, the goals and triumphs I experienced, and decide where to…
                  • A Dozen Hints for a Great Mother’s Day

                    Happy mothers day
                    The cards, the meal at the restaurant, and the extra hugs are nice. Moms deserve a special day that celebrates who they have been, who they are, and who they will be. The unique love of a mom begins the day the doctor tells her she is pregnant. She begins to love the potential of…
                    • The Art of Mothering

                      How is “Mother” defined? Well, it’s both a noun and a verb. Watch the Skitzy Chicks show us what it really looks like.  
                    • My Favorite Parenting Advice

                      My husband and I cut our chops in vocational ministry by serving teens and college students. So long before we brought home a baby of our own, we saw the kind of parent/child conflicts that can tear apart the strongest of families. Because we paid our way through grad school in part by “housesitting” in…
                    • Everyday Miracles for Moms

                      Ballet Dance
                      The very first miracle that Jesus performed, according to Scripture, sits in John 2. Tucked away in a short chapter that takes place at a wedding, it happens so fast and we’ve heard it so many times that it almost sounds nonchalant. It wasn’t a miracle of life-saving proportions. It was a practical miracle. The…
                      • Why is He Wearing a Dress?

                        a boy lost and wonders which direction to takes
                        Kids have always asked hard, surprising, and embarrassing questions, often when we are standing in the middle of a crowded store or restaurant. The people nearby smile and wait to enjoy whatever response the parents come up with. Most of the questions are fun to remember and joke about after the kids are asleep, but…
                      • Guiding Your Child’s Heart from Darkness to Light

                        Sleeping child with pacifier and teddy bear
                        Bear is a pretty good sleeper. He likes to lay down at night and roll onto his tummy, bury his head down like a hedgehog and snuggle with his pacifier and a small, soft blanket. He prefers to lay in the bed instead of being rocked to sleep. Add a little white noise, and he’s…
                      • Proverbial Mom Wisdom Works

                        Family time
                        In my parenting, I have found it very helpful to have a few sayings that I can easily pull out. Nuggets that teach my kids about life, sayings that remind them of things our family holds true. There is power in a punchy and repeated phrase, and I try to wield that power strategically. Here are some of my…
                        • Lessons Learned Through Faith and Foster Care

                          Baby feet
                          I sat in my kitchen on a stormy morning about a month ago, looking at a precious baby boy sleeping in a bouncy seat on the counter in front of me. In many ways he’s just like any other two-month-old baby you’ve seen. He smiles, he kicks his chunky legs, he loves his paci (until…