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  • How Do You Define Father?

    A note from Janet: The article today is written by John Finch, with our editor, Blake Atwood. Our thanks to John and Blake (who edits for all our ministries) for sharing these words with us. We hope this article will find its way to the laptops of as many dads out there as possible, so…
    • How to Help a Grieving Friend

      A note from Cynthia: Abby Rike is a dear friend who faced an unfathomable tragedy in October 2006 when her husband, five-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and two-and-a-half-week-old son were killed in a fatal car crash. In the years that followed, Abby has experienced God’s grace and restoration firsthand. Now, she endeavors to share his goodness so that others…
      • The Kate Spade Conversation

        The Kate Spade conversation used to be about the price of a purse instead of the person who began the company. When Kate Spade chose to take her life, she became national news and, chances are, the topic of conversation among some of your kids. Suicides are always shocking news, especially when the person involved…
      • The Fortnite Phenomenon (or fill in your child’s game of choice)

        It’s the time of year when all unite in getting summer kicked off on the right foot by informing our kids that we will not waste away our brains by sitting in front of video games and other mindless activities the next several months. There will be a chart of chores, opportunities to serve, healthy…
          • Raising a Jason Witten

            If you live in Dallas or even slightly follow the Cowboys, you know that Jason Witten just retired. He’s a Hall of Fame tight end with more records and stats than I can possibly list (and, let’s be honest, I couldn’t list them if I wanted to because I’m hardly a football aficionado). But it’s…