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  • Ironing Out the Wrinkles in the Movie

    Madeleine L’Engle wrote A Wrinkle in Time, and her manuscript received twenty-six rejection letters before it was finally published. Her book received the Newbery Medal a year later and has been on bookstore shelves for more than fifty years. More than ten million copies are in print, and the recent Disney movie release will surely…
    • Answering the Call

      My family is in Colorado this week for Spring Break. As much as I have always loved skiing and basking in all of God’s amazing beauty in the mountains, this year is even more precious because it’s the first time we have been here as a family of five. Two years ago this week, a…
      • When Can Your Child Understand Jesus Is Lord?

        Your church has a curriculum and program designed to help your children enter into a relationship with Jesus as Lord. But, parents often wonder if the classes, conversations, and teaching really did the trick. You’re not alone. Most parents have questions. Did our children accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, or did they just work…
      • Something Worth Stewing Over

        If you haven’t read Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst, I recommend it. It may or may not be something you struggle with, but the book talks about our relationship with food and how God cares about how and what we eat. TerKeurst biblically addresses issues surrounding our relationship with food. Whether you eat too…
        • Is Andi Mack Shaping Your Child’s Values?

          Terri Minsky was inspired to create the Disney show, Andi Mack, when she learned that Jack Nicholson was an adult when he found out the woman he thought was his sister was, in fact, his mother. The show was recently renewed for its third season and was voted 2017’s Top Rated Show for tween girls.…
          • Authenticity Anyone?

            Authenticity 2 (1)
            The longer I walk this earth and parent and spend time with people, the more I realize how desperately we crave authenticity in our relationships. Stick with me for a minute on this. It’s easy to dismiss authenticity as just another one of those trendy words the millennials are throwing at us these days, like…