Moms at Work

September 20, 2023

Solidarity in the Trenches, Jesus & Santa, and the Life of a News Anchor w/ Sarah French

Being a working mom can feel really isolating. We know we are not alone, but with work, kids, and a full schedule, it can feel like we are in the trenches! Today, we are having a conversation with a mom who not only fights her way out of the trenches but also reports on the good, bad, and ugly daily on the news!


Sit down with your friend Jeanette and news anchor Sarah French as they talk about work life, the real side of being a reporter, and the work Sarah has done to support her fellow journalists, as well as the way God called her out of what we would think of as her dream job.


Sarah also shares all about her new children’s book, A Beautiful Story: Jesus & St. Nick! And her heart behind the Christmas story! Listen in, and I guarantee you will feel heard and not alone!


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Motherhood is a tough job. Then when we add in a career, keeping up the house, dinner time, and trying to maintain some social life, motherhood can be overwhelming. But we are here to break down those expectations. Join your host, Jeanette Tapley, as we come together weekly, tearing down the walls of expectations surrounding moms, and as we lean into the work in front of us, we will learn to trust God for the future of our families. We are not here to add to your to-do list. We are here to love and support you as you do the vital work you're called to do, in and outside of your house.

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Her heart beats for people to be heard, valued, and never alone no matter what stage of life they find themselves in. Whether that be through navigating friendships, figuring out faith, raising a family, or life as an entrepreneur.  She is the internet friend everyone needs who encourages people to walk through it!


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