The 4-Hour School Day, with Durenda Wilson

We want our kids to have the best education, but less-than-ideal school environments as well as more recent inconsistencies in schools due to the pandemic have left parents uncertain about traditional schooling. Durenda Wilson, Mom to eight kids with over 25 years of homeschooling experience, joins us today to offer a refreshing approach to all things family and education.  Durenda has so much wise counsel for parents looking for fresh ideas to ensure their children have a quality education suited to their natural talents and abilities.


In today’s interview we talk about some of the myths related to homeschooling, and how we can help our kids become more independent in their school work. We talk about which topics you can wait until high school to take seriously, and how to incorporate your child’s natural interests into their curriculum.  Whether or not you homeschool your kids, I think you will feel inspired and encouraged listening to this conversation!  Spread the word to your friends and check out show notes to listen and grab all the links!

The Hard Good, with Lisa Whittle

Life is full of hard things, we all know that. But how we choose to see those hard things – our perspective on all that life gives us -- can make a radical difference in how we come through our trials.  When bestselling author and Bible teacher Lisa Whittle lost her beloved father in 2017, she found herself on a journey to learn the hard good.  Years later Lisa combines the lessons she learned with counsel from Scripture to create a roadmap that will help readers navigate their own hard good.


In this episode Lisa shares about her relationship with her dad, and then we touch on a number of the “hard good” circumstances that she covers in her book: From accepting things you wish were different, to seeing someone else get what you want, to showing up when you want to shut down. I think Lisa’s honesty and Biblical counsel will help you navigate a hard season, or store up wisdom for one ahead.

Helping Teens Navigate Social Media with Integrity

There is no doubt, parenting in the age of social media can be tricky. Whether or not your kids are currently using social media, it is never too early to start thinking about how you might coach your kids in their use of it.  In today’s episode I am sharing a blog post I wrote about a shift my oldest son made in his approach to social media that was a game changer!  I am also sharing clips of an interview with that son about his journey with social media from age 13 to 22.

How to Declutter Like a Mother, with Allie Casazza

Allie Casazza is on a mission to eradicate the "hot mess mom" stereotype by empowering other women. Today she joins me to talk about her proven, family-oriented approach to minimalism.  Allie shares the very real and raw story of how her journey began, and why she believes we can all find more peace by simplifying our stuff.


Whether you’re a working mom, overwhelmed by kids and responsibilities or already on your minimalism game, I think you’ll be inspired (and empowered) by this conversation.  Allie is hilarious, relatable, and full of practical ideas.

Q and A with my College Boys!

I hope you enjoy this chat with Josiah (22) and Jonah (20) who are with me to answer questions listeners have sent in.  In this interview we cover their relationship as siblings (“Did you always like each other?” “Did you ever fight?”) as well as how/when they made their faith their own.  They talk about how they feel about homeschooling now, in light of how it prepared them for college.  Finally, they talk a bit about their relationship with their mom. (aww) I love all that they share, and they even have some advice for the kids listening!

*At the beginning of this episode I take a few minutes to address questions listeners have sent in for my husband, a hospital physician, related to Covid and the vaccine. Since I know there are many more questions, I am hoping to do a Q and A episode with Dr. Dave on the podcast in a couple weeks! (stay tuned.)

Teaching Kids to Recognize the Truth, from Lies, about themselves

What our kids believe will create a roadmap for the choices they will make for the rest of their lives. Our kids will face lies in many forms as they grow up – especially lies about who they are and where their worth comes from.  Charity Rios wrote a short children’s book with concepts simple enough for young children to understand, but deep enough to impact adults as well. Today, Charity shares the devastating story that shook her identity, and how through that experience she learned to “tend her heart”.  Now that Charity has four sons, she is teaching them from a young age what it means to tend their hearts – getting to know God in such a way that they recognize His voice, and how it differs from the lies of the enemy.  I think this conversation will equip you to give your kids some of the most important foundations in their identity that could change the course of their life!

Don’t Miss Out! With Jeannie Cunnion

After two incredible books related to parenting, Jeannie Cunnion switched gears to share the greatest parenting tool she has discovered:  The power of the Holy Spirit.  Now Jeannie doesn’t want anyone to miss out on the same power!


Today Jeannie joins us to talk about the benefits of having the Holy Spirit’s daily presence in our life. I love how understandable and practical Jeannie makes things, and I love that when we really grasp the Holy Spirit in our own lives, we can naturally teach our kids to do the same.  This is a powerful conversation and I hope you enjoy!

Growing Slow, with Jennifer Dukes Lee

In a culture that embraces hurry, and many people wear “busy” as a badge of honor, today’s episode with Jennifer Dukes Lee invites us an alternative…one of strategically “growing slow.”  Jennifer discovered these lessons after years of fast-paced, high stress living – a season that led her to a breaking point.

Jennifer says that the lessons she shares in her book, Growing Slow, are the result of unlearning what the world taught her about success and finding the courage to walk in a world that asked her to never stop running.  Wow!  I needed this conversation at least as much as anyone. I think you’ll find Jennifer’s words and heart to be a huge encouragement!

What a Teenage Boy Needs Most from His Mom

7 years ago I wrote a blog post that was read by nearly 2 million people in 2 weeks. That blog post led to many opportunities, including the chance for me to publish my book, Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You, and launch this podcast as well.

This week the Boy Mom Book turns two, and I’m full of thankfulness and a bit of nostalgia. On the podcast today I reflect on all of the steps that led to the book, and for the first time ever, I read the blog post that started it all.  (Pause to wipe tears.)

Thank you for sharing in this special day and be sure to visit show notes for a little party, complete with giveaways and confetti.