Talking to Your Kids about Jesus, with Natasha Crain

Our kids need to know what they believe, and why they believe it.  We, their parents, are the best people to have these conversations!  With two kids in college (a Christian college, no less!) I can tell you that if your kids’ faith has not been challenged during their growing up years (which is probably will be) then it definitely will be when they leave home one day.  Do not leave this up for chance!  Natasha has written a number of books offering help for these most important conversations, and I’ll be linking to all of them in the show notes.  Today we get to dive into conversations about Jesus, and I think you’re going to be encouraged!!

What it Means to Live Freely and Lightly, with Emily Lex

Emily Lex – watercolor artist and popular blogger, joins me today for a candid conversation about her journey from insecurity and anxiety, to quiet confidence and peace.  Facing many of the emotions and struggles common to all of us, Emily found the reward in a renewed sense of identity and strength.  This conversation inspired me so much, and I think you’ll find so many golden nuggets that will bless you, wherever you are in your faith and personal journey!

The Most Important Thing a Parent Can Do. With Brooke McGlothlin

Brooke McGlothlin has become known as a top go-to for all things praying for your kids.  Her interviews in episodes 27 and 42 were some of the most listened to here on the Boy Mom Podcast, and she is back with more inspiration today.  Brooke’s brand new book, Praying Mom: Making Prayer Your First and Best Response to Parenting, just came out and we get a sneak peek into some of the awesome content in the book.  Brooke has such a friendly, encouraging tone, I know you’re going to end this episode feeling built up and inspired!

Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World, with Daniel Weiss and Joshua Glaser

I would put this at the top of the list of most important Boy Mom episodes to listen to!  As we are wrapping up my summer mini-series on Boys and Technology, today we dive into the most concerning issue related to boys and devices: Pornography.  Josh Glaser and Daniel Weiss, authors of Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World, join me to talk about how we can help our kids navigate in this hypersexualized, porn-friendly world we are raising them in. We talk about how parents can protect their kids, as well as how to handle it if we find out they’ve already accessed porn. You’ll find so much empathy and grace as well as practical help and encouragement in this episode.  Please, please spread the word to your friends because hearing this episode could make the difference in a child’s future.

Everything You Need to Navigate Video Games with Your Kids, with Liz Busby

I am beyond thrilled to finally have some answers for everyone who asks me about kids and video games! Liz Busby, a researcher and writer for the Protect Young Minds website, dedicated mom to four, and enthusiastic gamer, joins us today to talk all about kids and video games!  Liz shares the pros and cons of allowing our kids to use video games, precautions to take, resources to turn to, and so much more (including her top recommendations for games families can play together and how they might work in our favor!)  As someone who has mostly kept my own kids off of video games (and encourages other parents to do the same) this was a surprising, fascinating, and fun conversation.

What Most Parents Don’t Know about Internet Filters, with Sean Clifford

If your kids are on devices of any kind, then this is one episode you DO NOT want to miss!  We continue our summer mini-series, “Boys and Technology”, with a chat that had me on the edge of my seat. Sean Clifford shares some eye-opening statistics, and also helps us understand what most internet filters do…as well as what they do NOT do (hold on, this might surprise you!)  He also shares a new type of filter that uses cutting edge technology (artificial intelligence!) to prevent porn (or sexting) from ever reaching our kids’ devices!  This interview is packed with helpful information and some sweet encouragement, too!

Empowering Kids to Make Good Choices Online, with Kristen Jensen

This episode kicks of my summer series talking about boys and technology. I want to come at this topic from many angles, and today’s conversation is foundational. Kristen Jensen, author of Good Pictures Bad Pictures (check out episode 44) is back to talk about equipping our kids with what they need to make good choices online. The new Brain Defense Digital Safety Curriculum is an entertaining, video-based curriculum for students which covers everything from cyber-bullying, to pornography, to internet addiction. Our goal is to arm kids with safe technology habits to protect their growing minds. This episode will inspire you to have important conversations and give your kids what they need to thrive online.

Lots of Q & A, with my son, Jonah

It is so much fun to have my son, Jonah, home from college and here to co-host this all Q & A episode!

I've been saving questions for some time now, and I've still only scratched the surface.  In today's chat Jonah and I cover everything from how to decide if your family is a good fit for homeschooling, to whether or not Dr. Dave recommends we (and our kids) should get the vaccine, to a list of parenting questions about everything -- from toddlers to teenagers, from purity to influences, to father son struggles.

Where the Magic Happens {2 year Podcast Birthday + Character Course Doors open!}

This week we celebrate two years of the Boy Mom Podcast!  Even more, this week the doors to the Character Training Course are open – for a (first-ever!) SUMMER SALE!  In today’s episode I read a blog post from the archives -- sharing a story…of a regular Wednesday night in my home.  This is a little glimpse into what I believe is the heart of character training.  I hope you enjoy, and I hope it reminds you that your work matters…Every moment of pressing in, pressing on, holding high standards and holding your tongue.  Your job is important, and one day you’ll look back and see the beauty in all you do each day.  My Character Training Course offers so much support and encouragement for the work you do, so I hope to see you in there this week!