Hey Workin Momma

Written by Corrinn Sims
Published on February 04, 2020

Hey, you. Working momma or daddy. There’s a lot of us out here. 

We write, we create, we design, we pack lunches, we cry while dropping our kids off, we attend meetings, we arrange rides, we hire babysitters, we search for the best daycares, we have deadlines, we work until our heads hit the pillow. 

Guess what? 

That is perfectly okay. 

Since the creation of man, God has given us tasks and roles in life, and that means we wear all the hats. 

How many hats are you wearing right now?

I fully believe that in the here and now we have access to too much information and too many quick fixes that daily allow us to fill our schedule with more things. This, in turn, creates the “all the hats” concept.

So many tugs, so many meetings, so many opportunities. Inventing this working mom who has to volunteer for all, dress to the nines, never be late, and have a crisp, clean car. (HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT POSSIBLE? I NEED YOUR SECRET.)

Balancing all of this can create a hectic mindset and life. I’ve dealt with the constant tug of knowing I’m providing but feeling so sad because I am missing my baby’s moments. I had to have a lot of conversations with Jesus in the car after drop-off time that looked like this:

“Give yourself some grace and trust the people you left your little love with. Trust the Father’s provision for your season. God give me grace and knowledge to love You even deeper and walk in what You have for me. I will reclaim my time missed with intentionality and letting go of a few things that really can wait for tomorrow.” 

Those things that can wait for tomorrow . . . you know what those are for you and your family. So let them go. 

I’ll say it again for the people in the back: LET THEM GO!

Give yourself grace

God does not look at you with shame. God does not look at you with disappointment (Isaiah 40:11). He is dying to reveal pieces of your heart he originally designed and wants to reclaim his glory in the nations, in your city, and in your family (Revelation 5:9–10). 

When you just can’t wear “all the hats,” give yourself grace to put down a few for the day or the month or forever. Focus on the longer-lasting roles God has given you. 

Be a worshipper of God.

Devote yourself day and night to prayer, meditation on God’s word, and just falling more in love with your Father! (See Psalm 141:2). 

Whoever you are, enjoy your day. Take a deep breath and just be thankful for those around you. The Father looks on you with loving-kindness and takes pleasure in you.

See Zephaniah 3:17. Look it up. Believe it. 

Live perfectly imperfect

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Corrinn Sims

Corrinn’s life is described in miracles: Victorious in depression & anxiety. Wife of a Brain Cancer Survivor. Momma of two adopted boys, 16 & 1. All praise to the Father for the GREAT things He has done. Corrinn is an Enneagram 8 who loves animals, thrifting, The Office, traveling, being outside, fighting for the underdog, and standing against injustice. Her life is the Lord’s and her family is her life. Corrinn is honored to tell and teach the stories God’s goodness and grace.

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