Fun Easter traditions that honor the resurrection

Published on April 05, 2022

The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and other holiday traditions are a joy to participate in with our families. However, balancing the true reason behind these holidays with the commercial celebrations can be challenging, especially when it comes to little ones and the story surrounding Easter. 

As an adult, along with recognizing the suffering and pain, we can rejoice in the gift that is the cross and the resurrection. We want our little ones to be able to grasp the importance that what Jesus did for us is more exciting than anything the Easter Bunny can bring. 

God knows your heart

To begin with, at the very basic level remind yourself that as a parent, God knows your heart. 

Please be encouraged that being mindful of this subject is already a step in the right direction. Pray that your children’s hearts and minds will be open. Being ready to receive the story is a great place to start. 

For younger children, I have found focusing on the resurrection piece works best. As they get older they will learn more about the heavier details and process them step by step. 

For preschoolers and toddlers, some of the details about the torture Jesus endured would most likely be hard for them to process and move past. Quite frankly, it would scare them more than it would impress upon them the significance. 

Realize, this is just a start for them. Keeping it simple is best! 

Jesus died and rose again so that we could have life after death. If you are struggling with the words, one of the simplest things to do is to read the story from a children’s Bible. Many of them have simple words and pictures that will help guide your discussion. 

Focus on what he gave

Also, recognizing the sad feelings that come along with parts of the story is important. Remind yourself and your kids that it is OK to feel sad. 

Jesus’s family and friends were sad at first too. Talk through those feelings together. Make sure to let them know that Jesus went through sad and painful things just like we do. But because of what Jesus did we do not have to suffer alone! 

Focus on the fact that Jesus is alive, and we are to rejoice in that! The stone was rolled away and the angel of the Lord was there to tell Mary to not be afraid, Jesus is alive (John 20: 1–10). 

No matter what approach you take, being consistent with the message is key. He went through all this because of how much he loved us. Jesus wanted to make sure we could be with him forever and give us everlasting hope. 

We need to help our children focus on what Jesus gave to us rather than what we can get from the Easter Bunny. 

Make it to church

Another great way to keep Jesus in the season is simply to make it to church! Children’s church and Sunday school classes are a great way to keep your kids focused on Jesus. See if your local church is having an Easter egg hunt or any special activities. 

Most likely they will be presenting the Easter story in a way that is just for kids.  Also, ask your Sunday school teachers or children’s ministry workers for guidance as well! 

Ideas for faith based traditions

Here are some fun ideas to consider in helping you weave faith based traditions into your celebratory Easter traditions: 

  1. Resurrection Eggs—The whole idea of Elf on a Shelf centers around building excitement for the season. We should find activities that do the same but that are more faith based and build excitement for the story of Jesus rather than focusing on physical gifts. Open one egg a day leading up to Easter Sunday. You can find instructions for these on Pinterest but here is a general overview:
  • Egg #1: Oyster cracker (or bread) – Matthew 26:26
  • Egg #2: Silver coins – Matthew 26:14–16
  • Egg #3: Purple cloth – Matthew 27:28
  • Egg #4: Thorns – Matthew 27:29
  • Egg #5: Rope – Mark 15:15
  • Egg #6: Cross – John 19:16–17
  • Egg #7: Nail – John 19:18
  • Egg #8: Sign that says, “This is the king of the Jews.” – Luke 23:38
  • Egg #9: Sponge (with vinegar) – Matthew 27:48
  • Egg #10: Cloves or spices – Luke 23:5–6
  • Egg #11: Rock – Matthew 27:59–60
  • Egg #12: EMPTY! – Matthew 28:55–56


2. Hide Eggs with verses in them instead of only candy. Maybe every morning you hide one egg per child or mix them in with a larger Easter egg hunt. Either way it gives you the ability of building excitement around reading the word of God.

3. Make sure to focus on the Lamb—Easter tends to be largely about bunnies, stuffed animals, and plenty of décor surrounding the Easter Bunny. For your younger ones, try giving them a cute stuffed lamb and letting them know how Jesus is also named the Lamb of God.

4. Instead of focusing on chocolate Easter bunnies in the baskets, put in jelly beans along with the Jelly Bean prayer!

5. There are a lot of great children’s books that explain Easter, such as the Berenstain Bears series and Veggie Tales

6. Tell the story of Palm Sunday, and reenact the Parade. This is helpful especially for toddlers. They love waving the Palm and shouting “Hosanna!” and recognizing the excitement of the crowd as Jesus came into town. This is a great way to teach about praising the Lord out loud.  

7. Make a resurrection garden—this is good for both younger and older children. Fill a larger pot with soil, and collect rocks and sticks to make a tomb and a cross. Roll the stone away from the tomb on Easter morning. If you start earlier in the spring season it is also nice to plant a tulip. Use it as an example of how Jesus gives us new life. After a challenging season, something beautiful can come of it. Or this can also be used to illustrate how Jesus transforms us!

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