Simple ways to focus on Christ this Easter

Written by JJ Campbell
Published on March 31, 2023

Once I heard a youth pastor say that Christmas is like the National Championship and Easter is the Super Bowl of our faith. 

I think about that every time Easter rolls around. 

It’s funny because it’s true. 

Easter is the pinnacle of our faith, and while we absolutely should show reverence and respect for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we should also celebrate with great joy and gladness that Jesus defeated the grave and rose again. 

Praise God for the resurrection! (Don’t mind me, just having a personal praise party over here.) 

When it comes to celebrating Easter with our kids, it’s easy to focus on the extra things like dyeing eggs, what to put in Easter baskets, what to wear to church on Easter Sunday, or whether your kids will want their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. 

Don’t get me wrong, these are all fun things to do, and you know I am going to cheer on my toddler as he’ll be doing his first Easter egg hunt this year! 

But, just like we have to do at Christmastime, we must make a focused effort to not get so entangled with the extras of the holiday that we miss the reason we celebrate: Jesus. 

Let’s get excited about all we can do to focus on Easter in our homes! 

Here are some ideas of activities you can do with your family to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection as we lead up to Easter:

1. Tape Resist Art. I will include this idea on every activity list! It’s easy to do, it’s colorful, it’s versatile, and kids LOVE it. Make a design with a cross and let kids paint or use chalk to fill in the gaps. You can do this art outside or inside. 

2. Drawing or painting the three crosses. I remember doing this as a kid. I would draw a sun and a green hill, then draw the three crosses. It’s simple but impactful. 

3. Baking Resurrection Rolls. Plan to bake a batch of resurrection rolls with your kids. Not only is it a teachable example, but a tasty treat!

4. Make a Palm Branch Craft. Get out the construction paper and glue and make your own palm branches inspired by the people welcoming Jesus into the city of Jerusalem, who waved palm branches and shouted, “Hosanna!”

5. Read a family devotional every day of Holy Week. Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter. Set aside a special time every day to read, discuss, and pray as a family. You can get a book or find a family devotional online.

6. Memorize a passage of Scripture together. Choose a verse everyone will learn during the week. Display the Bible verse in multiple places around the house to encourage familiarization. You can even quiz each other and say pieces of the verse back and forth. 

Doing special activities together is a wonderful way to focus on Jesus as we anticipate Easter. 

I encourage you to take it a step further and weave in more conversations about Easter with your family as you are going about your daily routines.
Here are some suggestions: 

1. Build anticipation by talking about your excitement. Talking about Jesus and Easter doesn’t have to be formal or intimidating. Whenever you’re hanging out with your kids, tell them why you’re looking forward to the Easter services at your church. 

2. Share why you’re thankful for Jesus. You can share your testimony with your children, or why you’re so thankful for Jesus and all he’s done for you. 

3. Sing songs focused on the resurrection. I’m not suggesting that you sit around the piano and sing every night (although that would be amazing and you could totally do that!). I am suggesting if you are the type of person who sings or hums all the time as you’re going about your day (like me), make a pointed effort to sing songs about Jesus and the resurrection. 

The activity and conversation suggestions I’ve listed are all pretty simple ideas and are not extravagant. The beauty is in simplicity. 

Take one or all of these ideas and don’t just try them out, but enjoy the time you’re spending together focusing on Jesus. 

I hope that you have the most wonderful Easter celebration in your home and at your church. 

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JJ Campbell

JJ Campbell is the host of the Along for the Ride Podcast, a weekly interactive show that helps you have more good times with your family while riding in the car together. These fun activities get everybody talking and laughing and before you know it, strengthening family bonds and making special memories. 

She’s always loved games and gets her best ideas for the show from childhood experiences and playing with her own baby boy, Evan. She says you can make any family experience enjoyable with some creativity and a fun mindset! 

You can find more about JJ and her podcast at Find her on Instagram @aftr_kidspodcast and say hi!

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