The Bible for Kids

August 21, 2023

S5Ep32: Training Young Hearts

This week hosts Mike Nawrocki and Sarah Humphrey talk with author Abbey Wedgewood about the latest books in her Training Young Hearts series.

The Training Young Hearts series from Abbey Wedgeworth encourages positive behavior for toddlers by holding out a model for grace based obedience— encouraging kids to run to Jesus with feelings of guilt and shame and to look to the Holy Spirit for help to use their bodies as God intended. The first two titles in this series, What Are Mouths For? and What Are Hands For?, feature dynamic, diverse illustrations and an engaging, exciting lift-the-flap experience.

They are designed not only to be informative and instructive, but to be fun favorites for kids! These books serve as engaging and fun training tools that not only offer examples of how our bodies should and shouldn’t be used, but also offer a framework for introducing the concepts of repentance, reconciliation, forgiveness, and sanctification. 

Abbey Wedgeworth is a wife, mother, and writer. The author of Held and the Training Young  Hearts series, she is passionate about discipleship and Bible literacy, and loves to see the way that the gospel transforms how people think and live. Abbey lives on the South Carolina coast with her husband, David, and their three children.

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If you have a child in your life that you want to pass along biblical values to, this podcast is for you. Hosted by best-selling author Amy Parker and author and co-creator of VeggieTales Mike Nawrocki, The Bible for Kids seeks to provide a discovery platform for best resources for teaching biblical values to kids. Guests include authors, teachers, musicians, film makers, and more.

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About Amy Parker and Mike Nawrocki

Amy Parker is the bestselling author of over fifty books for children, teens, and adults, including A Night Night Prayer and the Christian Retailing’s Best Award winners Firebird and Courageous Teens, which she co-authored. Her books have sold more than 1.5 million copies. A three-time Mom’s Choice Award winner, she lives outside Nashville with her husband and their two sons.

Mike Nawrocki is the co-creator of VeggieTales and the voice of the beloved Larry The Cucumber, has been part of the pulse of the Veggie brand since its inception in 1993. Mike has created, written, and directed most of the popular “Silly Songs with Larry” segments, including fan favorites “His Cheeseburger” and “The Hairbrush Song.” He has also lent his screenwriting and directing talents to dozens of VeggieTales episodes such as “Madame Blueberry and The League of Incredible Vegetables,” as well as both of the properties’ theatrical release films, Jonah and The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. In addition, Mike has authored a number of VeggieTales books and CD projects as well as developing and writing for another of Big Idea’s hit animated properties, 3-2-1 Penguins. Mike is currently focused on developing new children’s properties centered around fun characters, engaging storytelling, and wholesome values. Mike makes his home in Franklin, TN, with his wife and two children.


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