Raising Sinners

October 20, 2022

Ep. 2.21 : PRAISE HIM! with Lauren Chandler

Chatting with Lauren Chandler was truly like catching up with an old friend.  She is DE-LIGHTFUL!!! Lauren is an avid writer, a worship leader at her home church, The Village Church, in Flower Mound, Texas where she and her husband, Matt, have served for almost 20 years, and mom to her 3 children.  Lauren is also a Bird Lady! That’s right! She watches birds, feeds birds, and even has an app on her phone telling her what kind of bird is perched on her windowsill at any given moment…she’s legit! We just love her!


And she has a sincere and pure heart for worship. When her kids were younger, she wrote a song to help them in the highs and lows of life.  That song, became PRAISE HIM!, her new children’s book out NOW.  Lauren’s lyrical lines are accompanied by whimsical illustrations and encourage children that no matter day or night, wherever they go, they can praise God continually.


From page to page, readers will follow a child through her day as she goes from sunny morning to stormy afternoon and then a shadowy night.  Parents can utilize this book as a great resource to remind their children that God is always there with us, even when days are hard, and that only simple words are needed to praise Him.


Go to LaurenChandler.com to read more about Lauren, and her newest book, PRAISEHIM! It’s available everywhere books are sold.


Connect with Lauren on Instagram @laurenchandler


We hope you enjoy our conversation with Lauren.  She’s the real deal.  Her heart for Christ and worship encouraged our hearts in many ways.  As always, thanks for listening! We are thankful for you!



Lisa and Chrissie


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“Raising Sinners” available on Amazon and barnesandnoble.com


(Lisa Clark and Chrissie Dunham host Raising Sinners, a podcast launched September 2021 on Christian Parenting’s Podcast Network.  Lisa is the author of the book, “Raising Sinners” and she and Chrissie co-host The Wonder Podcast, as well. Check it out!)

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About Raising Sinners

It all started in 2016 with Lisa Clark’s book, “Raising Sinners,” but she knew there was more to say. The Raising Sinners podcast tackles all the topics and questions parents have about raising their kids! Lisa and her co-host Chrissie Dunham, and the occasional special guest, cover it all: sibling rivalry, dating, and social media, but also discuss raising children who don’t fit the mold and even that pesky “mama guilt.” 

While sin can be fun in the moment, it’s never funny. Lisa and Chrissie walk this line well, finding light and laughter though the difficulties of parenting, but always having pointed, relatable, and reverent discussions that focus on God’s word and what the “manual” has to say about our parenting. 

Lisa and Chrissie have been podcasting together since 2018 through their other show, The Wonder Podcast. You can connect with them on Instagram @talkwithchrissieandlisa.

About Lisa Clark and Chrissie Dunham

Friends for several decades, Lisa Clark and Chrissie Dunham have lots of laughs and giggles teaching and sharing their life experiences on the podcast they co-host, The Wonder Podcast.  It has definitely been their outlet over the past 3 years to share stories, testimonies of God’s faithfulness and provide insights into what God is teaching them during this stage of life.

Adding to that outlet, they’ve joined the Christian Parenting Podcast network recently with the debut of their newest podcast, Raising Sinners. Their backgrounds are similar, having both been raised in Christian homes, college, marriage, and birthed two daughters. Chrissie is definitely the personality of the duo as Lisa laughs at all Chrissie’s jokes and quietly waits for her to take a breath so she can add a thing or two! But the second half of life has proven to be their favorite season thus far.

Empty nesting, grandparenting, time with family and friends, has filled their cup these last few years.  But along with life’s greatest blessings, comes great sorrow, and God has shown up continually, keeping His promises as a faithful, covenant keeping God.  “He walks with us in every season and makes Himself known.”  Chrissie and Lisa speak professionally to church groups, women’s events/conferences, retreats and more.  Lisa’s niche is parenting, and she authored “Raising Sinners” several years ago to chronicle her own parenting journey with an emphasis on biblical parenting.

For more information, please go to www.chrissiedunham.org and www.lisaclarkspeaks.com.


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