A Story of Hope – with Mary Beth Chapman

We are so excited to have Mary Beth Chapman joining us today on Raising Sinners.  Mary Beth is a New York Times’ best-selling author, speaker and the wife of GRAMMY and Dove Award-winning recording artist, Steven Curtis Chapman.  She’s also the President of Show Hope.  November is National Adoption Awareness month and Show Hope’s mission since 2003 is to care for orphans by engaging the Church and reducing barriers to adoption.


What are the barriers? Financial, medical and knowledge.  Through this work, countless individuals, students, families, and churches have been mobilized to care for orphans, and Show Hope’s efforts have helped thousands of children and families around the world.


Listen in and be encouraged by this great organization and the many lives it has eternally impacted.  And get an update on the Chapman family! What’s your favorite SCC song? Mary Beth shares hers!

Raising Kids to Walk in Community – It Takes a Village

Hebrews 10:25 – “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of some but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the day approaching.”

We’re meant to do Church (life) together – in other words, the Church needs each other.  And our community is vital to growth, encouragement, protection, and life. But how? Life, schedules, and commitments sometimes overtake our best laid plans and, add to that, our kids don’t always cooperate!

In this episode of Raising Sinners, we discuss the WHY it’s important for our children to be in community, WHAT community is and HOW to do it.  God’s word has a lot to say about community and why we need it.

We’ve isolated ourselves recently, haven’t we? Maybe you, as the parent, don’t have community right now.  Make it a priority to find it again.  Every day is a new start and new opportunity to walk toward God and His glorious plan for our lives.  Just do it!

When Your Child Struggles to Fit In

Parenting a child throughout life includes parenting them in and through their struggles. It hurts us to watch our child in angst as they don’t fit the mold that seems to fit all the other kids, or struggle to find their group.  When we decided to tackle this topic on Raising Sinners, we wanted to treat it like moms gathering around a table with a cup of coffee, discussing this topic that we’ve all walked through at one time or another.  So that’s what we did! We’re frank and hopefully encouraging as we remember our own experiences and remind parents in the thick of it that this is truly a short season and your impact is great!


“The struggle keeps us on our knees.” We’ve said it many, many times and it’s true for our kids and it’s true for us.  We need God every day, every hour.

Raising a Close-Knit Family Part 3

In episode 2 of RAISING SINNERS, we discussed growing a close-knit family.  Dr. Larry Taylor was our guest and he shared helpful strategies to keep your family close long after graduation:   !) Parenting Style 2) How we deal with conflict 3) Family Rituals and 4) Communication.

On this episode, we dive into FAMILY RITUALS AND TRADITIONS.  What are your daily rituals? Weekly rituals? Yearly rituals? These rituals are your family’s foundation.  Your DNA! Family is your child’s first community.  So, the things we choose to do together build our family and our family’s legacy.

Our guest on the podcast is our friend, Ruthie Poole.  Ruthie is a wife, mom and grandmother and she is the QUEEN OF FUN! She celebrates life and her children and grandchildren come from miles away to celebrate with her.  They won’t miss a thing she does because she’s been celebrating these holidays and milestones all their life! Consistency is the key! And Ruthie does this well.

Raising a Close-Knit Family Part 2

In episode 2 of RAISING SINNERS, we discussed growing a close-knit family.  Dr. Larry Taylor was our guest and he shared helpful strategies to keep your family close long after graduation:   !) Parenting Style 2) How we deal with conflict 3) Family Rituals and 4) Communication.


On this episode, we dive into COMMUNICATION.  Are you a good communicator? Do you enjoy hard conversations? Do you love conflict?


Whether you were raised in a home of great communicators, or poor communicators, you can put steps into place that make your home communication friendly.  Communication is a form of discipleship.  Our words count.  What does the scripture say about discipling our children? Deuteronomy 6 is clear – WE ARE THE ONES WHO TEACH, TRAIN AND DISCIPLE OUR KIDDOS!


So, let’s go parents! We got this! Let’s talk about all the things and keep those conversations on the table.


Raising a Close-Knit Family Part 1

Dr. Larry Taylor is our guest on RAISING SINNERS today.  Dr. Taylor is the author of “Running with the Horses,” and we knew we wanted him as our guest early on because of his years of putting into practice what it takes to build, not only a kingdom family, but a close-knit family.  Don’t we all want our kids to come back home to visit once they’ve left the nest? Yes!


Dr. Taylor discusses the daily, weekly, and yearly routines he put into place within his own family that helped develop their spiritual foundation, character, and future.


We really dive in to two areas that help ensure our families are close knit – 1) communication and 2) family rituals.


Do you want a close-knit family? Do you want to put solid rituals into place within your family that help to pass the baton of faith on to your children and grandchildren? We can live it and preach it, but what matters most is the actual relationship we have with our children.

Let's talk about it!

You are listening to the inaugural episode of RAISING SINNERS! We are over the moon excited for this journey and are thankful you are joining us.  Our show will be full of parenting help as well as encouragement for parents of all ages and stages.


We’ll talk about it all here.  If there’s a question you have or a topic you’d like explored, hold on, we’ll get there.  But we mostly want you to leave each episode feeling enriched, encouraged, and eager to continue down this road God has called us to as parents.


It’s not easy, but He’s equipped us.  We also understand that we’re sinners raising sinners. So, there’s that.  We won’t make light of sin here.  It’s serious.  But we also must make it through this journey, and sometimes we just need a laugh or too.  We’ll be laughing, smiling, and praying our way through this adventure called parenting.  Join us!


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Introducing Raising Sinners

It all started in 2016 with Lisa Clark’s book, “Raising Sinners,” but she knew there was more to say. The Raising Sinners podcast tackles all the topics and questions parents have about raising their kids! Lisa and her co-host Chrissie Dunham, and the occasional special guest, cover it all: sibling rivalry, dating, and social media, but also discuss raising children who don’t fit the mold and even that pesky “mama guilt.”

While sin can be fun in the moment, it’s never funny. Lisa and Chrissie walk this line well, finding light and laughter though the difficulties of parenting, but always having pointed, relatable, and reverent discussions that focus on God’s word and what the “manual” has to say about our parenting.

Lisa and Chrissie have been podcasting together since 2018 through their other show, The Wonder Podcast. You can connect with them on Instagram @talkwithchrissieandlisa.