Turn it Over

May 09, 2022

Ep. 32 : Make Family Great Again

Our hosts are hearing God whisper that their greatest calling right now is in the home. Listen as Susie and Rob discuss all the ways in which they h ope to steward their children and rekindle their passion for homemaking. They hope to share their testimony and their enthusiasm with all who listen Read More

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About Turn it Over

Hi, we’re Susie and Rob and we’re a newly married couple working to blend our family of 7. Though we’ve each been married before, we’re finally ready to start over and heal the wounds of divorce through the lens of God’s unconditional love. Together, we’re committed to showing up everyday without shame (maybe for the first time) as the most honest and vulnerable version of ourselves. Join us as we pull back the rug, turn over everything to God and tackle remarriage, dating, exes, single parenting, finances, life and love, one discernment at a time.

About Susie & Rob

Susie Robb and Robert Brinck are a newly married couple navigating life as a freshly blended family of seven. Though they've each been married before, they are bravely confronting the wounds of the past through the lens of unconditional love. They've committed to showing up everyday as the most honest version of themselves, and together, they are passionate about sharing their journey with others who are figuring out remarriage or seeking hope after a painful divorce.


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