Why don’t you take my last name?

Rob and Susie talk about how to become one in marriage without losing your own identity. Susie struggles letting go of the grip on her brand.

Grandma Knows Best

Join us as Susie and Robert interview Susie’s 88 year old grandmother about life, love and days remembered. You’ll love her candor and uncensored take about the world today.

It’s me or the kids!

Today Robert and Susie talk about their children and the challenges and joys of becoming a step-parent. Listen as they share the struggle in keeping a biblical familial structure in today’s counter culture.

A Father for the Fatherless

Susie asks Rob to go a little deeper about his childhood memories. Hear Rob talk about his encounter with God that healed over 40 year old wounds.

Meet Rob Brinck

Today Rob shares his story with us. Meet the man, the myth, the legend and find out a little more background information on our co-host.

You went through my phone?!

Robert asks Susie for some more information as a follow up to her solo episode. Find out more about how deep the wound of betrayal actually goes and how the couple plans to move forward.

“Who Is Susie Robb?”

In today’s episode we take an in depth look at Susie Robb. She shares where she is today and how she continues to heal from her painful divorce.

“How Low Can You Go”

How often in conflict do you hit below the belt or bring things up from the past? Why is it that we have to hurt each other before we can come down from the rage within? Join Robert and Susie as they discuss spiritual and practical ways in which to fight fair. 

I Give ‘em 3 Years

Robert and Susie are tackling their critics head on! Perhaps you know the stigma of divorce or the isolation that comes from a broken relationship. Join the couple as they discuss judgments from family and friends and their hopes to prove them wrong.