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September 18, 2023

Establishing A Faith Dynasty with Willie and Korie Robertson

Welcome to the Love Where You Are podcast! 

I am joined by special guests Willie and Korie Robertson! 

Willie and Korie are known worldwide for their reality tv show Duck Dynasty and their family’s business Duck Commander. They have partnered with Tread Lively, GND Media Group, and Fathom Events to announce the release of The Blind, premiering in theaters nationwide beginning September 28th. Based on the life of Phil and Kay Robertson, The Blind is a powerful true story of love, hardship, and redemption. The Blind shows that no one is beyond the grace of God, and no one is so far gone that they cannot turn their life around. 

In this episode, Willie, Korie and I discuss their new movie release, The Blind, the true story behind it, the impact Jesus had on the Robertson family, and the impact media has on us. It seems like now more than ever that are messages telling us masculinity is toxic and women should stay out of the home. The way God designed marriage and the family are being attacked, especially in the media. Supporting films like The Blind sends a clear message to Hollywood and the world of what we care about. 

Thank you for being here today. Now, let’s dive into the conversation! 

You can buy tickets for The Blind or check out The Blind’s website to view the movie trailer! 



-After the show Duck Dynasty, Willie and Korie saw a need for positive entertainment which is when they sat down to talk about what story they should tell. The story of Kay and Phil was the most important story to tell because if it didn’t happen, their family would have fallen apart and there wouldn’t have been Duck Commander or Duck Dynasty. Jesus truly changed everything. 

-Sometimes in Christianity, there is this idea that we don’t have to talk about the hard stuff or our rough pasts. But the truth is sharing our stories helps us become more vulnerable and connected. We can all relate to Phil and Kay’s story on some level. 

-Building a dynasty of faith starts in the Word. We all know we should be in the Word, but actually living it out is a whole different thing and is so much harder to do. 



-There are so many messages telling women they can do it all, and that’s only partially true. You can do it all, but you can’t do it all at once–it’s impossible. You can be empowered to do that you’re called to in the season of life you’re in right now! 

-The family, home, and marriage are the foundations of society and are being attacked. Standing strong as men and women is crucial. 

-We want to blame the world for all the problems we see, but the truth is we’re also to blame because we also seccum to the world’s pressures. We have to break free of the rat race. 


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