The Christmas star of 2020

Written by Somer Colbert
Published on December 18, 2020

Be honest: Have you ever found yourself wishing to see miracles like you’ve read about in the Bible? 

I’ll raise my hand here because I certainly have. 

Well, guess what? In recent weeks, news outlets and social media platforms have been blowing up with the news of an incredible celestial event set to take place on December 21, 2020. So what exactly is going to happen? 

According to NASA, for the first time in nearly eight hundred years, Jupiter and Saturn will closely align in the sky just after sunset and fuse into a single point of light. 

The result? 

The Christmas Star! 

Yes, as in the same one seen by the wise men after the birth of Christ! 

The last time this event occurred was 1226 AD—just to put this into perspective for you, we are talking the Middle Ages here. 

I know, right?! 

Have you considered that star?

With the holidays quickly approaching, the all too familiar fatigue of 2020, and the tasks on our to-do lists piling up, it would be so easy to skip over this incredible moment in time and even get so busy that we forget to go outside and glance at the sky, much less stop to consider the significance of such an event. 

The Christmas Star was made famous through the story of the birth of Christ, but let’s be honest, as many times as we’ve read or listened to that story, how often do we really pause to consider much about the star? 

Not a coincidence—an unmistakable reminder

Its purpose was to guide. Guide who? Wise men. Guide them where? To behold and worship the King of kings. 

So as we have an incredible opportunity to view this same star with our own eyes, why would we as his followers do anything less than draw near to our Savior and worship him as the wise men did? 

The more I read about it, the more I am taken aback by its timing. After such a difficult year, I am convinced this celestial event is far from coincidental. I believe this star is an unmistakable reminder of where our hope is truly found. 

A call to reflect, remind, and honor

I feel an immense need to call families of believers far and wide to pause on this special night and reflect. Reflect, and perhaps remind our hearts of the hope we have because of Jesus. “When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy” (Matthew 2:10 ESV).

I’d like to invite you to join our family on December 21, 2020, as we set aside the evening to rejoice, reflect, and honor the Lord through prayer, contemplation, and thanksgiving. 

I have created a guide to help you lead your family through this special time—complete with checklists, Scripture references, discussion points, and moments of guided prayer. Make it your own, get creative, and enjoy this time of making memories your family won’t soon forget!


Download your family prayer and discussion guide for the Christmas Star of 2020!

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Somer Colbert

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