Six ways to help your kids discover God’s glory

Published on April 21, 2023

The word “glory” is mentioned more than 500 times in Scripture. God’s glory is the very essence of who God is; it’s his character. Glory is what sets God apart. It’s the way God reveals himself to us by his presence.

But understanding God’s glory can be a hard concept for kids (and adults) to grasp. Glory can feel too abstract, too intangible, too vast. As I tried to figure out the best way to explain God’s glory to my young daughters, I stumbled upon an idea: what if I show them ways God’s glory is also concrete, tangible, and personal? What if God’s glory could be experienced with their five senses?

 Now, my family goes on glory hunts. Whether at home, the beach, on a road trip, or even a quick grocery run, we look for God to show up each day through nature, food, in Scripture, and conversations. There’s very little prep or planning—we just head out and let his glory engage our five senses.

I invite you to take your kids on a glory hunt and see what you discover. Here are some practical and fun ways to get you started: 

  1. Go on a bike ride or a walk at a local park. When I am outside in nature with my girls, we observe how God is at work in creation. It might be as simple as examining the petals of flowers or hearing the lapping of water at the shore. When we use our senses, we can experience God. 
  2. Take a family field trip to the zoo. The zoo is a great place to talk about God’s creativity in making animals—and humans too. His glory can be evidenced in the stripes of a zebra or the long neck of a giraffe stretching toward heaven. Ask your kids to observe with you, and invite them to wonder out loud. 
  3. Do an art project together. Pass out paint and blank canvases, or gift your kids a fresh drawing pad and box of crayons. Let them draw or create without parameters. God is creative, and he created us to create. When we make art together, it’s another way to experience God’s glory in the way he created us. 
  4. Dance it out. Music and dance are powerful ways to connect kids with God. We can teach them that worship can have different forms. Kids love to move and use their voices. One of the ways we bring God glory is by making a joyful noise to praise him. 
  5. Try out new foods. God created food for us to enjoy and to nourish our bodies. Make a new recipe with your kids. Take them out to a new restaurant and order something off the menu you’ve never had before. Talk about the taste, the smell, and the mixing of ingredients created by God.
  6. Use books to initiate conversations and learn together. Reading books, like the Bible and other books about faith, can help all of us learn more about God and ourselves. When kids read, they make connections and ask questions. 

Growing our kids’ faith doesn’t have to be boring. When we help kids experience God’s glory with their five senses, faith can become a daily adventure. I’ve found going on glory hunts often provides space for my daughters to ask questions about God and the Bible. They also are exercising their God-given senses and observing how he is working in our world. That helps to grow their faith and understand God’s glory!

To help kids of all ages learn how to go on glory hunts and discover God in their everyday lives, check out Chasing God’s Glory.

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Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young

With a Master of Fine Arts in children’s literature and a passion for multiculturalism, Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young is a writer, speaker, former news reporter, and foodie. Her children’s book Cora Cooks Pancit received the Picture Book of the Year Award from the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association. Dorina is a self-proclaimed “glory chaser” who meets God as she runs trails through mountains or near the ocean. Dorina and her second husband, Shawn, are raising three daughters in central California. Learn more at and check out her new children’s book, Chasing God’s Glory at

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