Sharing more than presents this Christmas

Published on December 20, 2022

During the holiday season, it seems the “to-do” list takes on a new meaning. It consistently grows a little bit longer as the hours and the days grow shorter. It isn’t long before we are running the holiday race as fast as we can. Before long, we find ourselves exasperated and agitated. Is there actually a way to find joy in this season?

There are times I find myself caught in a cycle of complaining. Usually it stems from feeling like I do not have time to check everything off my list. Or I am upset with myself for, once again, overcommitting. Perhaps I am disgruntled over my garland that has only half of the lights twinkling. Then comes one uninvited interruption after another. Whether it is kids, husband, or mother calling, I feel like I am in the neverending “12 Days of Christmas” song. 

However, I have found a way to stop the cycle. A way to pause the song and stop the hamster wheel from turning. The key is to stop focusing on all the reasons and worries that fuel my running, so to speak. In finding simple ways to bless others, I find relief every time. For me, it is making an extra tray of baked ziti some nights. For you, it may be baking a couple of extra cookies. Or maybe it will look like making a phone call to the widow you know through church. Whatever it is the Holy Spirit lays on your heart, you can trust it will change the posture of it. Give your heart a temporary breather as it focuses on filling someone else’s. God has always used my small acts of service in a big way. I am never regretful, but always joyful when I complete the task. There are many verses in the Bible where Jesus calls us to step outside of ourselves, to have a servant’s heart, and make sure we are in tune with more than just our own needs. This is not to wear us out or spread ourselves thin, but to open our hearts to receive the joy of giving. 

A generous person will prosper;
    whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25

The word “refresh” in that verse is key. It is exactly what we need in times where we feel our spirit has grown overwhelmed or just plain weary.  Trust me, there are times where I question myself. Do I really need to add in one more thing? This type of “one more thing” never lets me down. Being the hands and feet of Jesus always has its reward. There is always a moment of joy attached to it. I have also found he always redeems your time. By including my daughter in these activities, this act of service or sharing also lends itself to family time. Time spent cooking with my daughter or drawing a card gives her a sense of accomplishment, and exposes her to the needs around us. This expands her world beyond what she knows to be true in her own home. 

The Christmas season is filled with opportunities to share Jesus with others,  whether it is dropping off a box of cookies or sending a card in the mail. These acts of kindness and service make an impression that lasts long after the final Christmas decoration is packed away. As you feel yourself getting stuck in the rut of the busy season, consider pausing to see where you may have time to fit in a little “more to share.”

Enjoy this recipe to share with your friends and family this Christmas season!



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Dina Deleasa-Gonsar

Dina is The creator, writer, speaker, and television personality behind the popular food blog Dina Deleasa-Gonsar is known for sharing her family traditions and modern twists on recipes along with an inside look at her real-life as a mom and wife. When in the kitchen, Dina brings her recipes to life with her personal anecdotes and honest, quick wit. Whether she’s whipping up something quick for dinner or pulling out all the stops for a family celebration, she is inspiring at-home cooks to get creative and try dishes that will become a staple in their house. Dina knows life isn’t always glamorous, so she strives to keep her content relatable, making sure to dish out her real-life that goes on behind the social posts and media platforms. Her family is at the center of everything she does and this can be seen during her time on the E! Network show “Married to Jonas,” which she appeared on alongside her sister. 

More recently, she was named Best Home Cook by the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family and has contributed her recipes and on air talent to the Today Show, The Good Dish, Guys Grocery Games on the Food Network, Inside Edition, GMA Online, Rachel Ray Online, Real Simple, as well as countless other media outlets. Dina has experience as both a co-host, in food segment demo’s, as well as commercial campaigns.

As a speaker and writer, Dina has also lent her recipes, family time solutions, and encouragement to numerous podcasts, conferences, and news articles. Most recently, joining the Christian Parenting team as one of their highlighted speakers for their virtual conferences and writing for their blog. In addition to coming alongside the Exhale Women’s Ministry as a devotional writer, and frequent podcast guest. It is part of Dina’s mission to encourage other people to seek opportunities to gather with others and make memories. To help parents see that there is magnificence in what they consider “mundane.” She hopes to fill people with “DishSpiraTion” both in and out of the kitchen.

Whether it’s a 4-course meal or simply breakfast for dinner, with DishItGirl, Dina hopes to keep it real, with real-good food along the way. She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband, Brian, and daughter, Siena.

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