Praying for Our Kids: Generosity

If we’ve learned anything the last few weeks, it’s that acts of generosity are all around us this time of year – but definitely not in the form of a Peleton bike gifted to your wife and a resulting a video diary of her fitness journey. That, my friends, is dangerous territory.

I remember my Dad used to say you never give a gift with a plug to your wife for Christmas (meaning an appliance). Now I believe we can all agree that one might be wise to stay away from gifts with a plug AND a pedometer.

That’s just a little Christmas advice for you as we all finish up our shopping this year. You’re welcome.

This week, as we continue to pray for our children this school year, we’re praying for generosity in their lives. Kay Wyma joins us today with a great reminder that true generosity stems from acknowledging all the Lord has done for us.

Chew on that for a minute: Generosity naturally spills over to those around us when we live with gratitude for what the Lord has done in our own lives.

I can’t think of a better gift we can give our kids this week than praying they live lives marked with gratitude. Praying they show generosity in their friendships, being happy when others succeed, and compassionate when they do not. Let’s also pray generosity in their areas of influence by including peers who are overlooked, and always being willing to serve those around them when they see needs.

Let’s pray our kids live all of their days rooted in generosity with gratitude for who Jesus is to us – beginning all those years ago when he came to earth as flesh, born in a lowly manger so everyone could be offered eternal life with him. I can’t think of an easier time of year to show generosity because of what Jesus has done in our own lives.

Let’s share that with our kids.

Take a minute to listen to our podcast today while you’re driving, shopping, or sitting by the Christmas tree. And think long and hard before you purchase your beloved a blender, vacuum, or a Peleton bike. Ha!

Note: If you missed our podcast with Kay Wyma last Thursday, take a minute to listen today. She unpacks the song “Joy to the World” and gives us practical ways to hydrate our souls this holiday season. It’s just the word we all need as we make the final lap headed into Christmas.

Listen now!