Praying the Psalms over our kids: The key to wisdom

There’s a big difference between knowledge and wisdom, and this week Janet Denison of Denison Ministries is joining us to talk about praying wisdom over our kids. Psalm 111 tells us very plainly that wisdom comes by fearing God and following his word. And in a culture that is pursuing worldly knowledge at all costs, it’s a great time to pray for our kids to choose wisdom. 


And please don’t miss Janet Denison’s great insight into teaching our kids to listen for God’s voice—something I wish I would have practiced much earlier in my faith walk. 


It’s a great week to be praying for wisdom and the much-needed ability to focus on what’s unseen in a world that’s hyper focused on the temporary things that are here and now. 


Kayla Craig’s Collection of Liturgies 

Liturgies for parents with Kayla Craig

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🦃🦃


I hope you are surrounded by friends and family today with the smell of familiar food floating through the house. There’s so much to be thankful for this year, but I’m especially thankful to be walking this parenting road together with each of you. It’s a true gift.


Today we have Kayla Craig with us and we’re discussing liturgies and how they add a richness to our prayer life. So often we overcomplicate prayer or even find ourselves at a loss for words—praying liturgies is a wonderful way to bridge the gap. 


I’ll leave you with a list I wrote a few years ago of the top 10 ways to determine if your Thanksgiving was an epic fail. 

1.) When sharing what they are thankful for, your first guest responds, “Thanksgiving rotates to a new house next year.”


2.) Your mother-in-law questions why your “homemade” pumpkin pie has a Costco imprint across the top.


3.) Despite dieting all year, you’re still asked to play linebacker in the annual family football game.


4.) When the conversation gets slow around the table, you nervously share your annual income and who you voted for in the last election.


5.) Several relatives tentatively decline your Christmas invitation pending ancestry results.


6.) When guests ask how they can help after the meal, your husband accidentally responds, “Why start now?”


7.) Grandpa grabs the Gas-X before agreeing to a game of Twister with the kids.


8.) After replacing the batteries on the meat thermometer, you decide “done” is a relative term.


9.) You receive multiple copies of the book Parenting with Love and Logic as hostess gifts.


10.) The Turkey Trot isn’t a family 5K but rather a reminder of how fast people exited your house after the meal ended.

All kidding aside, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Resources from today's show: 

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Praying the Psalms over our kids: The key to Thanksgiving

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and Psalm 16:2 gives us the most basic truth in these seven words: “Apart from you I have nothing good.” What a great starting place as we celebrate Thanksgiving by remembering that every single thing we have is from God. 


Kayla Craig joins us today to pray thanksgiving over our kids. She also encourages us to consider the value of praying liturgies. A liturgy is simply a written prayer that helps us connect with God. I just started using liturgies as part of my prayer life, and it has been so impactful that I want to share a little bit about that with you today. 


My prayer this week is for our hearts and minds to be filled with the gratefulness that comes only from knowing the generosity and abundance found in Jesus. 


Preparing for Advent with Ruth Chou Simons

Don’t anyone panic, we’re not skipping Thanksgiving! 


But we are chatting with Ruth Chou Simons about advent and why the posture of our hearts as we enter the holiday season matters. Ruth is hilariously practical and talks about her scrapbooking skills (or lack thereof) and her propensity to lose sight of what matters this time of year… if her perfectionist ways take over. 


Ruth reminds us that there’s an opportunity to experience Jesus even during a time of year packed with family, parties, and preparations.


She also has the most BEAUTIFUL advent book available now—a 25 day journey leading up to Christmas. I’m going to be using this book all of Advent and would love for you to join me. 


Today’s a fun conversation about holidays, family, and maintaining a posture that invites Jesus to be near in the middle of it all. 


Resources from today's show: 

Jones & Parker Case Files

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Ruth Chou Simons


Praying the Psalms over our kids: The key to our waiting

The times of waiting in my life have hands down been the places where I’ve learned the most about God. Knowing this, I’m excited to be praying this week for our kids to learn to wait well. Waiting patiently on God is a hard thing to grasp when you live in an Amazon-style, instant gratification kind of world.


Psalm 40 is our key Psalm this week and David suggests that when we are waiting on God to act, we are to wait actively and expectantly. Instead of sitting around in despair and hoping for the best, we’re to be crying out in urgency for God’s deliverance. 


So often, the key to waiting in the most difficult places we face means simply remembering God’s faithfulness in the past, turning only to him for deliverance, and finding a posture of dependence and trust. 


Join me in praying for our kids as we consider what it means to wait well on God. 

All things Thanksgiving with Lauren Chandler

For the first time ever we have Lauren Chandler on Pardon the Mess!


Lauren is a worship leader, author, mom of three, and wife of Pastor Matt Chandler. I love this conversation because it’s all about Thanksgiving traditions, favorite recipes, and enjoying family this time of year. 🦃 🦃 


She has an amazing heart for praising the Lord and gives us practical ways to foster a lifestyle of praise and Thanksgiving (even when life gets complicated). She also shares about her husband’s brain tumor revealed years ago on Thanksgiving day, and how that still impacts her today. 


Take a few minutes to join us in preparing your heart and home for Thanksgiving! 


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Praying the Psalms over our kids: The key to our sin

David had an affair, murdered a man, and spent almost a year ignoring his wrongdoing before finally confessing his sin. Psalm 51 reveals his heart after such a significant moral failure, and his words are beautiful as he asks God to cleanse, restore, and continue to use him.

Our kids will sin too. This week we are praying they recognize it and repent, just as David did all those years ago. God cares so much about our right-ness with him that he sent Jesus to bridge the chasm between our sin and God. He’s the sacrifice that allows us right standing before God, even when we’re so prone to sin. 

Join me this week in praying that our kids will have accountability in their lives (a Nathan) that will point out their sin. Let’s also pray they never feel defined by the places where they get it wrong, but instead know that Jesus is ready to give them a clean heart and full restoration—if they will simply ask.

Setting healthy boundaries with Lysa TerKeurst

Nothing makes you question the boundaries in your relationships like the holidays. Am I right? 

Lysa TerKeurst is with us today to talk about relationships and the boundaries we often fail to put in place. The result?  Chaos in some of our more challenging relationships. Like most of us, I haven’t thought a lot about boundaries and definitely not from a biblical perspective. But thankfully Lysa has so much wisdom in this area, talking us through the practicalities of setting healthy parameters and why that’s so necessary. 

If you struggle with guilt, people-pleasing, and fear in your hardest relationships, this show is 100% for you! 


Resources from today's show: 

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Lysa TerKeurst

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The Songs Tell the Story

Praying the Psalms over our kids: Following the Shepherd

I think the twenty-third psalm just may be my favorite psalm of all. I used to think of it as just a funeral type psalm, or one for hard times—but now I realize how many nuggets are packed in there as we pray this over our kids. 

I’m reminded that God is the provider for all things, and he’s oftentimes providing things we don’t even know we need. There are also verses giving us encouragement for the hard times and reminders of our ultimate hope—eternity with Jesus.

Just as sheep learn to follow their shepherd by knowing his voice, we’re praying this week that our kids do the same. I have a feeling you’re going to love Psalm 23 in a whole new way.