Praying for our kids: Prayerfulness

Perhaps the greatest gift my parents have ever given me is the gift of growing up in a praying home.

My parents have prayed before meals, before bed, and before every major decision for as long as I can remember. They’ve prayed over me more times than I can count, and I’m eternally grateful to them. That being said, I can think of many years in my own life where prayer was not a priority (and my life 100% reflected that).


I don’t want that same story for my kids, so this week is especially meaningful to me as we talk about raising kids with prayer-filled lives. We will consider not just the “how to” behind prayer but also the “why to.” Prayer is the perfect thing to recommit to in a new year, so join me in praying prayerfulness for our kids this week (quite the mouthful).

When Wishes Change with Tricia Roos

Oh friends, I really, really can’t wait for you to hear today’s show with Tricia Roos. I’m so grateful to know Tricia personally and see first hand how the Lord is using her story to speak of his faithfulness even in the deepest places of loss.


Tricia was three months into her pregnancy when she received a call that her unborn daughter had a rare condition that would be fatal. Against the advice of her medical team, she resolved to have her baby despite a chromosomal condition called Trisomy 18. In the midst of the uncertainty and pain, Tricia’s wish for a healthy baby girl changed into something more beautiful than she could have ever dreamed of.


Tricia’s story is a reminder of how God’s transforming power allows us to love deeper, go further, and grow more than we could ever have imagined for ourselves. I especially love Tricia’s words on learning to live for something bigger than ourselves—a great perspective to consider in our parenting.  So glad you’re with us today!


Resources from today’s show:
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Praying for our kids: Excellence

Might I share with you one of my favorite quotes of all time? 

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” - Francis Chan 

I heard that quote many years ago and it continues to guide how I look at the various things that occupy my days. As I pray for the Lord to show favor over my life and that of my families, I find myself asking him to not allow us to be successful in things that are insignificant. 

This week as we’re praying excellence over our kids, I think this quote needs to be in the back of our minds as we consider how we pray. So often we want our kids to be excellent at the things the world holds in high esteem, yet those same things often distract them from the bigger purposes God has for their lives.

We’re called to do all things for the Glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31) and excellence is critical to doing that well. Let’s join together in praying for our kids to show excellence in all the things he calls them to.

The four things I would tell my younger parenting self

I’m kicking off the New Year a little differently this year with no guest joining us today. Instead, I’m sharing some of the things I wish I had known as a younger mom. I try not to live with regrets, but I also know the value that comes by taking inventory in our parenting and acknowledging the areas of growth as well as the struggles. 

The four things I’m sharing with you today began with an article I wrote several years ago from the perspective of “the oldest mom on the playground.” Since then, I’ve had opportunities to share these parenting truths to various groups, and the Lord has given me even greater clarity that I pray will encourage and challenge you. 

I have no doubt that your social media feeds (like mine) are packed with all kinds of weight loss and exercise challenges for a physically healthier 2022. But I would also encourage you to avoid “back-burnering” (assuming that’s a word) your parenting and instead take this week to consider what’s working, what’s not, where you might need to be encouraged, and where you need to encourage others. I’ll start us off with today’s podcast on the four things I would tell my younger parenting self. 

I would be so grateful if you would not only take a minute to listen, but then also share it with the other parents you’re walking alongside with each day.

Praying for our kids: Purpose

This time of year always inspires me to consider necessary life-style changes, incorporate missing things into my routines, and find ways to live a new year filled with amazing opportunities better than I did the year before. Or at least that lasts for a few weeks! 

But I’m always thankful for the routine in place of praying for our kids, and I love that we’re beginning 2022 by praying purpose over each of them. People so often struggle with the age-old question surrounding their “purpose” in this life, so we’re tackling it as we pray over our kids this week. (Spoiler alert: our purpose is to glorify God.)

Praying for our kids to have purpose in their daily lives means praying they glorify God not only in how they live their earthly lives, but also in how they prepare for all eternity in heaven. We will break this down a little bit further and also take time to begin this new year asking the Lord to show our kids the things he has uniquely created for them to accomplish. 

So grateful you are joining me to pray this year! Share our podcast with a friend or two and ask them to join in as we  pray for our families.

Best of 2021: “Goliath Must Fall” with Louie Giglio

I’ve never really loved the post-Christmas letdown.

But the one thing I do look forward to each year is the opportunity to make adjustments in my life, allowing me to live more purposefully and biblically. That’s why Pardon the Mess is revisiting one of our favorite episodes of 2021.

Louie Giglio joins us to talk through the spiritual aspects in our lives that may need some tweaking.

Louie is pastor of Passion City Church and the founder of the Passion movement. Having devoted his life to working with young adults, he shares the number one thing he believes our kids need before leaving for college.

We covered so much in today’s show, but here are a few highlights:

  • Living with “congruency” in our lives
  • Louie’s personal battle with anxiety and the role humility has played
  • Questioning God’s timing and his plans for our lives
  • Helping our kids win the battles against their giants


I’m so thankful you’re here, and I can’t wait to kick off 2022 exploring new ways to live and parent fully in Jesus.

Praying for our kids: Generosity

Are you ready to ring in the New Year later this week?  

My crew is skiing over the next few days, and my greatest hope is to enter into 2022 without any casts, crutches, or major casualties. We set the bar pretty low over here.  

But as we take time to consider a new year and all the new opportunities before us, I love the thought of praying generosity over our kids. The Bible speaks of generosity often because God knows how quickly our allegiances can be divided, and he wants all of our affection and trust to be centered wholly on him.  

Just as it’s a great time to consider what generosity looks like in our own lives, we are also praying it for our kids. And it’s not just financial generosity we’re considering since most of our kids don’t have a financial empire at this point—but we’re praying our kids generously serve others and love the people around them well.

A Very Merry Conversation with Sophie Hudson and Melanie Shankle

It’s the week of Christmas, and if it ain’t already done, it ain’t gonna happen. Well maybe not, but nonetheless you need today’s podcast. Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson from the Big Boo Cast are sitting down for a hilarious conversation on so many things that I had a hard time even coming up with a title for today. 

I love their wisdom on extending grace to our kids and how the whole notion of Jesus’ grace changes our families. Sophie also has a new devo on grace that fills a big gap in the devo world for teenage girls. I realize you’ve got some serious last minute Christmas crazy going on right now, but here’s a few additional topics you can’t miss on today’s show: 

  • The very real struggle of real versus artificial trees
  • Holiday traditions if you’re into that kinda thing 
  • Walking our kids through tough friendships 
  • Raising kids who can cheer on others
  • Saying “yes” to your kids as often as possible
  • Social media thoughts from a few moms who’ve lived it 

I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas! 

Enjoy this well-deserved break with Sophie and Melanie. 

Praying for our kids: Joy

This is it! The Super Bowl of all holidays—it’s Christmas! 

This week as we’re praying joy over our kids,  I'm wondering what things have brought you joy this Christmas? Is it the small things like sitting by the Christmas tree late at night or car rides to look at lights? Or maybe it’s some of the bigger events that happen this time of year like parties and school programs.  

I think my deepest joy in this season has come during an unexpected trip to New York City with my mom and my daughter to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree. There’s just something about NYC at Christmas, but also having the opportunity to do it with my mom and my daughter—well, what a sweet opportunity I’ve had to celebrate Christmas while being reminded that joy comes in all forms and fashions on this side of heaven.