Taking the Long View with Lauren Chandler

In this episode, Jonathan interviews wife, mom, writer, worship leader, speaker and dreamer, Lauren Chandler. Jonathan and Lauren talk about their intersections in life as well as their similar journeys of leading kids through difficult seasons, encouraging you to “take the long view” as you parent and lead your family.

The Power of Prayer

In this episode, Jonathan interviews best-selling author, Stormie Omartian, best known for her book Power of a Praying Wife. Stormie has sold more than 38 Million copies in her Power of a Praying series and vulnerably shares her story of coming to know Jesus as an adult and discovering the power of prayer as a wife, mom, and now a grandmother.

Catching Up with Courtney

In this episode, Jonathan has a conversation with his good friend, author, mom, wife and founder of Treasured Girlz, Courtney DeFeo.  The cover a lot but mostly revolve around what it looks like to care for yourself as a parent and how to trust God as your kiddos age.

Finding Rest with Curtis Zachery

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Teaching Pastor at Church of the City in Franklin, TN and Founder of the non-profit, Find Rest, Curtis Zachery. Curtis shares his story and journey to finding rest and how to find it in your own parenting journey.

Letting Go of Fear and Control

In this episode, Jonathan is back to share thoughts on life and his current reality, including a pursuit of letting go of fear and control in exchange for trust. He pulls up to the mic to process what he is learning now and works it out even as he shares.

Raising Courageous Girls with Terra Mattson

Jonathan interviews counselor, therapist and coach Terra Mattson on raising courageous and confident daughters. Terra, a mother of two girls and Jonathan, a father of four, discuss practical ways to grow your relationship with your daughter and her confidence in herself.


A Christian Parenting Guide: Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters


As a mom today, it’s harder than ever to instill the godly confidence our daughters so desperately need.


And without that confidence, our daughters are left to navigate, on their own, the pressures and values of the world around them.


That’s why we created a clear, credible, and biblical guide that gives moms like you what you really need to raise daughters who are empowered to face whatever life throws at them.


A Christian Parenting Guide: Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters is the resource you’ve been looking for to help you develop and keep a loving, secure connection with your daughter, while helping her to be confident in all that God has created her to be.


This course is just based on Terra Mattson's 20 years experience as a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist, as well as her 16 years raising her two girls. Each video in Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters is designed to equip you for every age and stage of your daughter’s journey.


Each course includes:


  • eight video lessons for moms like you, giving you behind-the-scenes coaching on the mental, emotional, and physical world of your girl;


  • conversation guides to foster deep discussions between you and your daughter; and


  • a downloadable journal to spark a more intimate connection between you, your girl, and God.



We hope you would be willing to get the word our the Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters courses


Iron Man with Jay Hewitt

Husband, father and pastor Jay Hewitt had a wonderful and normal life…until he didn’t. One day he was a teaching pastor with a bright future. The next he found himself diagnosed with a brain tumor and a terminal diagnosis. But he didn’t let his diagnosis or circumstances define him. And as a dad and as a man, he decided to join God in what God was doing. Join Jonathan and Jay to hear how Jay walks resiliently each and every day and is teaching his daughter to do the same.

Beautifully Broken with Randy Hartley

Jonathan interviews dad, businessman, and author Randy Hartley about his journey and story of desperation as a dad  that ultimately led him to complete dependence on the Lord. They have a candid conversation about what it means to both lead well and trust God in difficult circumstances along the parenting journey.

Childlike Faith

In this episode, Jonathan introduces season 4 and starts off with an encouragement to pursue childlike faith. Jonathan explores Matthew 18:3 and the words of Jesus through the lens of what he has experienced and seen with his own children.