The Choice is Yours

Jonathan interviews speaker, author, and homeschool mom, Chrystal Evans Hurst. For fourteen years Jonathan and Chrystal did life together in very close proximity, raising their kids and working in ministry. In their conversation Chrystal shares her love for her “sister cousin,” Wynter, her learnings from Wynter’s life of faithfulness, and her observance of Wynter’s simple “yes” to God, which lead to profound results - even beyond Wynter’s life on earth.

Paying Attention

Jonathan dives deeper into the story of losing his wife Wynter. In those difficult days, God gave him specific situations to pay attention to, and he shares how paying attention to those situations became not only a gift in the moment, but stories of hope for the future.

Learn how practicing attentiveness can help you see God in all things and see all things in God. Be encouraged to begin looking for the gifts that God has placed right in front of you, helping you shift your perspective on your pain and your lost expectations.

Own your story

Jonathan shares his story of the sudden and unexpected loss of his wife, Wynter. From saying goodbye to having to convey the news to his four daughters, Jonathan candidly shares some of the most painful details of that day and his journey. But, instead of focusing on all that has gone wrong, he shares his perspective of finding beauty in the chaos.

Using Philippians 4:8 he describes how you can also find joy in the midst of your pain. He teaches a key lesson on the discipline of celebration and how that can help you and those you lead through some of the most difficult seasons in your life.


Life is a journey.

There are some really high highs and some really low lows.

But it’s in the very hardest of places where the real decision is made: will we walk out our days with hopelessness or relentlessly pursue God despite our setbacks?

Jonathan shares his real-life story of love, life, and loss with refreshing vulnerability and engaging candor.

Join Jonathan on The Journey as he helps you make better sense of yours.