Processing a New Life

In this first episode Jonathan admits that he learns the most about himself when he processes out loud. And this is what you’ll find him doing in this first episode. Processing his new life. Life in a blender. Since Season 2 Jonathan has remarried, leaving widowhood behind. He’s begun a new journey of oneness with his new wife Peta, while simultaneously leading through what he considers one of the more difficult leadership moments of his life, family blending. Listen in as he processes this change and what he has learned about change management and communicating well through your changing family dynamics, traumas and difficulties.

Rescued From the Fear of Loneliness

In this episode, Jonathan interviews his fiance, and they begin to tell their love story. Peta shares how God rescued her from her fear of loneliness, by bringing her through an unexpected season of solitude.  She shares how the Lord met her in her loneliest and most vulnerable season to show her what belonging means in the kingdom and how she can be an agent of helping others understand they belong too.


Peta Sergeant is an Australian actress who’s been working in theater, television and film for almost 20 years.  She is passionate about living out her faith and mission in the context of where she first found Jesus and where He’s continued to call her, on sets all over the world.  In addition to acting, she has found great joy in coaching and equipping others that are called to the entertainment industry through iLA Fam: Iris Los Angeles Film, Acting and Music School where she has trained actors & aspiring filmmakers from all over the world.

Rescued to Display

In this episode Jonathan recaps season 1 and 2 and describes the beautiful nature of God, displayed through stories of rescue.  He suggests that if the Gospel is a message, then your life is it’s letter.


He shares how God’s redemptive nature is put on display through each and every life He enters and opens up about his new love and continued story of redemption and engagement to actress and creative, Peta Sergeant.

Rescued from Self-Destruction with Benjamin Pitts

In this episode, Jonathan sits down for a conversation with his identical twin brother, Benjamin Pitts, who recently relocated his family of five from New Jersey to Colorado.The twin brothers talk candidly about the beauty of their upbringing, the trap of self-righteousness and the rescue that is necessary for anyone to find the grace of Jesus experientially, regardless of how closely they were raised to know Him cognitively.


Ben Pitts is an entrepreneurial leader and has spent the last decade building technology and organizations that help people make better personal financial decisions.  As an entrepreneur, he co-founded and helps lead three businesses in the financial planning and technology space. 


Ben graduated from US Military Academy at West Point and holds an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. 

Rescue by the presence of God with Viola Carter

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Viola Carter, his mother-in-law and the mother of his late wife, Wynter Pitts.  Viola Carter started life in the rough inner city streets of Baltimore, MD. Married young she experienced, first hand, the pain of physical abuse, betrayal and abandonment. She met Jesus in her early adulthood and his presence changed everything for her..  Her sweet life in Christ is clearly heard as she shares the story of her rescue by the presence of God, even as her life has continued to be littered with loss. 


Viola is married to her best friend, Tom, and is a grandmother to 6 beautiful granddaughters and 1 grandson.

Rescued from the guilt of a decision with Sherman Smith

In this episode, Jonathan sits down with Sherman Smith, a man rescued from the guilt of a decision in his past that wouldn’t catch up with him for more than 40 years.  This decision of his youth would change his life forever, his family forever, and his understanding of God’s kindness forever.


Sherman is a former NFL running back who played 8 seasons for the Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Chargers. After finishing his NFL career he would go on to teach high school, coach football and begin mentoring boys. He would go on to coach at his alma mater, Miami University in Oxford, OH before going on to coach in the NFL for more than 20 years.


Married to his wife, Sharon, for 44 years, Sherman has 3 children and 7 grandchildren and resides in Franklin, TN where his greatest “why” remains discipling men.

Rescued from Self-Sabotage with Rosie Rivera

In this episode, Jonathan interviews Rosie Rivera. Rosie transparently opens up about her real life struggles starting with abuse from her past and how God rescued her from self sabotage. A businesswoman, television personality, and social media influencer, Rivera is one of the most influential and inspirational Latinas in the world. She co-hosts The Power of Us, a marriage podcast, with her husband, Abel Flores; is the mother of three children; has authored five books; has appeared on reality shows such as I Love Jenni, The Riveras, Mira Quien Baila, and Rica, Famosa, Latina (currently on Netflix); is involved in her family’s Christian outreach ministry; and carries out her sister’s mission of helping single mothers find affordable housing, shelter and treatment for abuse through the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation.

Rescued from the fear of man with Todd Tilghman

In this episode, Jonathan interviews NBC’s The Voice winner and former pastor, Todd Tilghman. From adopting two children from South Korea to fighting for their newborn son's life to pastoring a small congregation through adversity to joining Team Blake in 2020, Todd has walked many difficult roads in life. Through it all, he has found that God has been his rescuer. Listen in as Todd talks deeply about his struggles with pleasing people and a fear of man that has caused him much anxiety. As God has lifted him up, he has courageously walked into a new calling and career that comes with its own challenges and a new needed trust in the Lord.

Part 2: Rescued for purpose and Hope Found with Jim Ravella

In this episode, Jonathan continues his interview with Jim Ravella. Jim shares how him being rescued led to him being one God could use to rescue others. In his loss, God gave him more purpose. He shares how the cross is our greatest gift but that gift comes with a call from God that can demand a lot.


He shares how his greatest trial in life and the loss of his wife Andrea Fuller Ravella in 2007 would provide a gift that would keep giving to him despite the pain. Jim married Ginger in 2008 and they have seven children, Nicholas (35), Anthony (28), Boston (23), Greyson (21), Isabella (18), Aspen (15) and Annalise (15).


Jim currently serves as a Vice President for the Gary Sinise Foundation, a non-profit charity whose mission is support our Nation’s Defenders, Veterans, First Responders, their families and those in need.  He is a retired United States Air Force Colonel and fighter pilot with 26 years of service and numerous awards including multiple Top Gun Awards and the Meritorious Service Medal.