Raising a Close-Knit Family Part 1

Dr. Larry Taylor is our guest on RAISING SINNERS today.  Dr. Taylor is the author of “Running with the Horses,” and we knew we wanted him as our guest early on because of his years of putting into practice what it takes to build, not only a kingdom family, but a close-knit family.  Don’t we all want our kids to come back home to visit once they’ve left the nest? Yes!


Dr. Taylor discusses the daily, weekly, and yearly routines he put into place within his own family that helped develop their spiritual foundation, character, and future.


We really dive in to two areas that help ensure our families are close knit – 1) communication and 2) family rituals.


Do you want a close-knit family? Do you want to put solid rituals into place within your family that help to pass the baton of faith on to your children and grandchildren? We can live it and preach it, but what matters most is the actual relationship we have with our children.

Let's talk about it!

You are listening to the inaugural episode of RAISING SINNERS! We are over the moon excited for this journey and are thankful you are joining us.  Our show will be full of parenting help as well as encouragement for parents of all ages and stages.


We’ll talk about it all here.  If there’s a question you have or a topic you’d like explored, hold on, we’ll get there.  But we mostly want you to leave each episode feeling enriched, encouraged, and eager to continue down this road God has called us to as parents.


It’s not easy, but He’s equipped us.  We also understand that we’re sinners raising sinners. So, there’s that.  We won’t make light of sin here.  It’s serious.  But we also must make it through this journey, and sometimes we just need a laugh or too.  We’ll be laughing, smiling, and praying our way through this adventure called parenting.  Join us!


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Introducing Raising Sinners

It all started in 2016 with Lisa Clark’s book, “Raising Sinners,” but she knew there was more to say. The Raising Sinners podcast tackles all the topics and questions parents have about raising their kids! Lisa and her co-host Chrissie Dunham, and the occasional special guest, cover it all: sibling rivalry, dating, and social media, but also discuss raising children who don’t fit the mold and even that pesky “mama guilt.”

While sin can be fun in the moment, it’s never funny. Lisa and Chrissie walk this line well, finding light and laughter though the difficulties of parenting, but always having pointed, relatable, and reverent discussions that focus on God’s word and what the “manual” has to say about our parenting.

Lisa and Chrissie have been podcasting together since 2018 through their other show, The Wonder Podcast. You can connect with them on Instagram @talkwithchrissieandlisa.