Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep. 3.24) : How will we respond?

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We’re all trying to process the tragic death of George Floyd and the unrest in our country this week. Many of us, myself included, are hesitant to say too much for fear of saying something wrong or making it worse in some way. 

But, as believers, we are instructed to stand up for the oppressed and to love those around us “not just in words or speech, but with actions and truth” (1 John 3:18). 

So how do we do that well? 

I had the great privilege of having a conversation with a community of believers speaking vulnerably and practically about the issue of racism and the state of our country. I love the heart of each of these friends in sharing their pain but also spurring us on to do the hard things that pave the way for reconciliation and hope for all of those around us. 

On today’s episode of Pardon the Mess we discussed:

  • How it feels as a person of color to walk through these days
  • What has helped, and what hasn’t, as people have reached out to them
  • What it looks like to lament 
  • Conversations white families should have with their kids
  • How to “stand in support” of our friends of color not just in these days but every day

I’ll conclude with the words that a dear friend of mine, Jerica Olsen, sent me this morning.

“If the heart of God for his people hasn’t led you to stand up for the oppressed and defend those who can’t defend themselves – you might want to consider what God you’re aligning with.”

Let’s continue to align with Jesus and pray for his healing and direction in our country. 

In this with you,

Cynthia Yanof

Panel Participants:

Joel Gaines: Interim Head of School, The City School (Pennsylvania)

Tia Gaines: English Department Chair, Insight PA Cyber Charter School

Antoinette Iroko: Christian School Alumna, Howard Law School student

Jenny Brady: Director of Diversity, PCA (Texas)

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