Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep. 2.18) Vivian Mabuni Talks Open Hands Willing Heart

Vivian Mabuni describes herself as an Asian American Christian woman, wife, mom, and cancer survivor. Having the opportunity to visit with her on Pardon the Mess this week, I agree that she is all of this and so much more!

Vivian grew up culturally Buddhist before coming to Christ in high school. She talks candidly about being the only Christian in her family and the impact her cancer diagnosis had on both her family and her faith.

Vivian’s life mantra has become “Open hands, willing heart,” which is also the title of her book. She is passionate about helping others find the courage to live all out for the Lord, trusting his character so completely that we’re willing to be surrendered to whatever plans he has for our lives.

My favorite part of the interview was talking with Vivian about the importance of embracing the “Plan B’s” in our lives and how oftentimes the Lord’s very best for us shows up when we let go of our own Plan A. We also talk about raising kids who are surrendered to the Lord and the importance of holding them loosely so the Lord can have the only real grip on their lives.

Vivian Mabuni is a gift and her words will encourage you to look at your faith journey in a different light.

Thanks for listening!

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