I will cast a vote, but I have a higher calling as a Citizen

Written by Alex Kondratev
Published on October 30, 2020

Next week, I will exercise my right as a citizen of our country, and cast my vote for the next President of the United States. I, like the rest of the nation and Facebook, have many opinions on both the parties vying to be the next boss of our homeland.

Throughout this whole process, I have both posted and read many passionate statements and articles arguing with deep conviction why one candidate is more suited than the other. I have even read arguments that portray one candidate as the more “godly” vote than the other, while I do not agree with that statement, the conviction behind these posts is usually genuine, so much so that people feel compelled to share and share…and share.

The question I have been asking myself lately is why.

Why do I feel like it is my duty to share what I believe and to vote? Because I want my citizenship to count. I want to be actively engaged in voicing the change I hope to see, and because I think my voice matters.

As my American pride begins to swell in my chest, I immediately feel a sense of conviction in my heart. Which citizenship do I hold more dear and valuable? Which citizenship am I more excited to participate and have a voice in, my American one or the one that ties me to the global and eternal body of Christ? It’s not that holding my American heritage near and dear to me is wrong, but it’s not all that there is to hope in–if it is, I think we might have a problem!

Christians, as citizens of the real and better country, we ought to be spending just as much or even more time advocating for the true President and King as we do for the human and visibly fallible candidates that we have before us.

This might sound cheesy but our voice and action matters here. It is time for us as believers to get as passionate about the commands of God as we are about our rights as Americans, because let’s be real, God cares more about you fulfilling the great commission in your neighborhoods and communities than he does about who you voted for or if you voted at all.

These are the commands of God that you have a right and obligation to participate in as a Christian: loving God, your neighbor, your enemies. Serving the poor, fatherless, and widows. Giving to the local and global church. Regularly fellowshipping with a body of believers. And most importantly sharing the good news of Christ daily with passion, excitement, and urgency.

As the election season looms over us, I want to be constantly reminding myself that doing what God commands is good, not only for those who believe but for those who don’t.

In less than a month many of us will choose from a list of candidates that we don’t actually trust and who bring heavy amounts of uncertainty to our country, it is not so with Christ.

Choosing him daily and obeying the commands that he has set before us, will only bring more hope and certainty to you and those around you.

So my fellow citizens, let us go to the polls and let us vote with the hope and desire to make this country a more beautiful place for all, but let us not forget that we have a higher citizenship and calling that no moth, dust, slander, or corruption can destroy. Be not mistaken, it is not only our right but our duty as citizens to usher that King and his kingdom in here and now because in so doing, we will have a more beautiful world for all.

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Alex Kondratev

In her 29 years Alex has been a wife, a widow, and a wife again. Phew! She has experienced joys unspeakable and heartbreak unfathomable, and it is her passion to tell a good story about how God is faithful in it all!

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