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Maria Bower is a born-again Christian. She is the founder, teacher, and podcaster of Faith Vs. Weight based on her two books, Faith Vs. Weight: Magnifying the Glory of God by Reclaiming Your Energy to Serve the Kingdom and Faith Vs. Weight: Daily Strength to Shine Action Guide. As a fifty-three year old wife of an active younger husband and mother of very busy middle school and high school boys, she needs all the energy she can get, while also keeping up with their two Australian shepherds, Summer and Winter. Through her Faith Vs. Weight podcast, classes, and books she empowers clients to identify strongholds and experience life-changing breakthroughs with regard to their spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Biblical inspiration is introduced with practical and proven behavior, nutrition, and fitness strategies that have helped hundreds of clients lose weight and regain their energy to serve the kingdom. Growing up in an abusive home, Maria has personally dealt with emotional eating, depression, drug abuse, and other unhealthy behaviors. She understands the very real spiritual warfare involved in these struggles. She also knows what it is like to live in victory and loves leading others to that same freedom through Jesus Christ. Maria is a former U.S. Navy Health Information Systems Officer and White House Military Social Aide. She graduated from The George Washington University with an MBA and has certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Personal Trainer specializing in Behavioral Change, Fitness Nutrition, Weight Loss, Group, and Women’s Fitness. She has also served as a YMCA LIVESTRONG cancer survivor trainer. She currently teaches Faith Vs. Weight at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano Texas.

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