Life Upside Down

December 01, 2020

Ep. 10 : “Is God at work in my sufferings?” with Matthew Lyle Mooney

The reality of suffering in this life can lead us to question the reality of a good and loving God. But is it somehow possible to understand God les s, and yet, come to know Him more? Is it possible that our greatest “good” is actually found in the hardest parts of life? This conversation is a special one for us, as we hear from a source that has shaped our journey of suffering. We know you will love Matt Mooney as much as we do and be encouraged by the work he and Ginny have set forth to accomplish through 99 Balloons. Read More

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About Life Upside Down

When life turns upside down, we can see the world from a new perspective. 

No matter who you are, you have either walked through deep hardship, you are in a hard season as we speak, or you will be soon enough. Sorrow and suffering can feel deeply isolating, and it would be easy to believe that no one could possibly understand. But trust us, you are not alone. We believe every person can experience hope and joy, even in the midst of sorrow.

Hosts, Daniel and Kelly Crawford, have the privilege of walking with men and women through the valley of the shadow of death on a weekly basis through their ministry, Abel Speaks. In their own story of suffering and countless others, the Crawfords have seen the redemptive truth that God never wastes an ounce of our pain. Join them each week for authentic conversations and gospel hope for the hurting. 

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About Daniel and Kelly Crawford

Daniel joined the Teach For America corps upon graduation from A&M, then met his wife Kelly in 2012 working together in Haiti. Four years later, they welcomed Abel Paul into the world, “and through faith, though he is dead, Abel still speaks” (Heb 11:4). Their younger two Mayfield and Deacon were BOTH born on Jan 22, sharing a birthday with their big brother Abel. Daniel spent five years leading the College Ministry at Watermark Church before rolling onto Abel Speaks full time in October 2019.

Kelly is an Oklahoma Sooner born-and-bred and degreed in Social Work and Human Resource. Wife to Daniel, she has humbly embraced her long-term transition to the Lone Star State, and loves her community in Dallas. With nonprofit leadership experience domestically and abroad, Kelly had no idea how these experiences would shape and prepare her both personally & professionally for this mission at hand. Abel's mama couldn't be more honored to steward her son's life and legacy while raising his little siblings, Mayfield James and Deacon Abel.


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