So, you're having a baby

Latest Episode : May 19, 2021

BONUS: Are You Really OK? with Debra Fileta

Today on So You’re Having a Baby, we sit down and chat with one of our favorites, Debra Fileta. Debra is a licensed professional counselor, bestselling author, speaker, and host of the Love + Relationships podcast––a hotline-style show where people call in to get their relationship questions answered.


We absolutely loved having her on last year, and are so excited she’s back with us today to discuss her latest book, “Are you really ok?,” the importance of getting real about who you are, how you’re doing and why it matters. Thanks for listening!!


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Parenting a newborn is real hard. But Craig and Rachel Denison are here to help. Authors of A Parent’s Guide to a New Baby and parents to two wild and wonderful boys, they’re here to help you go from unprepared (and probably scared) to prepared (and ready to thrive) as a couple with a newborn. Listen, laugh, learn, and prepare with this podcast for new and growing families. 

About Craig and Rachel Denison

Craig and Rachel Denison are parents to two very different boys, Wesley and Wells. Together, they have experienced a myriad of emotions and stresses, highs and lows, and share their collective experience to equip new parents with not only practical tips but also heart wisdom for the tough and beautiful days ahead. Craig is the author and founder of First15, a daily devotional helping more than two million believers connect with God through worship, reading, and prayer. He’s also passionate and involved in strategy and leadership through his company Craig Denison Consulting, helping companies and non-profits scale in a healthy and sustainable way. Rachel is a writer for a variety of websites.


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