Christmas Financial Survival Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and also one of the most expensive! Purchasing gifts for family and friends, hosting parties and planning your end of year giving can feel overwhelming. Add in the comparison to what other families are buying or doing, and it can turn the most joyful person into a bit of a Scrooge! If your family longs to have a memorable Christmas, without feeling regret when the credit card bill arrives in January, Chuck and Ann have both stories and advice on how to plan a wonderful holiday season.

God’s Part and Our Part

Becoming faithful stewards starts by knowing and believing that God is our provider. In this episode, Chuck and Ann break down God’s role and our role in our finances. God carries the heaviest responsibilities of ownership, control, and provision, but He has left plenty for us to do as His stewards here on earth. Ultimately, knowing it is not up to you, will bring you comfort and clarity as you make financial choices for your family.

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Finding Financial Unity in Marriage

The Bible says in marriage, “two shall become one”, but does that apply to bank accounts as well? The most common argument in many marriages is about money, and in this episode Chuck and Ann will help guide you to find financial unity with your spouse. You’ll hear how to stop thinking about money as “his” and “her” money, and start thinking of yourselves as managers of God’s money. Whether you have disagreed about debt, budgeting or experienced financial-infidelity, there is hope. Chuck and Ann explain how by approaching your financial conflicts with love, forgiveness and respect, your marriage can heal and come to a place of financial unity.

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Real Estate: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

One of the biggest financial decisions couples make is the choice to buy a house. Owning a home is a big commitment, a lot of work, and has the potential to be a large financial risk or reward. In this episode, Chuck and Ann remember their real estate wins and losses, and will give you some practical advice to ensure you approach home ownership with wisdom. Whether you are considering purchasing your first home or looking to expand into the world of real estate investing, you’re sure learn some tools to help you navigate real estate decisions.

Investing in Your Future

How do you get your money to work for you? On this week’s episode, Chuck Bentley speaks with guest, Calvin Dillinger, on the sometimes intimidating topic of investing. You’ll learn what you need in place before you start, how to take the first steps, and a variety of different investing strategies. As always, Chuck shares some of his mistakes, to help you avoid making the same ones! This episode will leave you with clarity and confidence as you explore the world of investing.
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The Key to Contentment

In a culture that strives to keep up with the Joneses – finding contentment can be a struggle! In this episode, Chuck and Ann share their journey to contentment with stories that will remind you that true contentment does not come from material things or money in the bank. Cultivating contentment will help guide your finances as you distinguish between needs and wants.
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Teaching Your Kids About Money

As parents, we feel the weighty responsibility to raise our children well. But when it comes to teaching kids about money, it can feel daunting if we aren’t confident in our own understanding of finances! In this episode Chuck and Ann cover how to teach children about finances. You’ll learn age appropriate techniques to raise up children into financially responsible adults and faithful biblical stewards. One hint: The earlier the better.

Eliminating Debt – Lessons from Our Journey to Become Debt Free

Talking about debt can cause many people to feel overwhelmed, embarrassed or even panicked. This week you’ll hear Chuck and Ann talk about this often feared subject in a way that will leave you feeling hopeful, encouraged, and motivated. Whether your family has credit card debt, student loan debt, or car debt, you’ll learn some practical tips to become debt free.

Start Your Financial Plan with Giving

In this episode, Chuck & Ann discuss the reasons you should start your financial plan with giving and a heart of embracing your role as a giver. They breakdown some common questions regarding giving and share stories of God’s design for giving in light of our finances. Giving is a difficult subject to tackle but Chuck & Ann share the freedom, joy and adventure that comes from truly living a life of generosity with all that God has given to us. In addition, they cover how generosity breaks the back of discontentment and greed, biblical truths of giving, and why they always start with giving in their financial decisions.