A Biblical Perspective on Parental Discipline

Disciplining our kids is usually the most frustrating, confusing part of parenting. The stakes are high, because what kids learn when they are disciplined will last a lifetime. In our work with parents, we have seen that well-intentioned efforts often miss kids’ hearts as parents struggle to figure out, “What is ‘biblical discipline,’ and how…

The Underestimated Value of Present Fathers

Father carrying daughter piggyback and being truly happy
I had an interesting experience at a church service recently. One of those moments when “a little child shall lead them.” During the closing songs, as I had my hands up in the air, my younger daughter decided she wanted to be held, so she climbed up and I held her with my left arm. She…

A Dad’s Toolbox

Tools renovation on wooden background
I can’t think of many things I’ve enjoyed more in my life than being a dad. Of course, there have been a few hard, even disappointing times, but not many. Kids will always be kids and I know I sure made my share of mistakes, learning how to be a father by trial and error…

Delivery Room [Video]

In this short clip, comedian Michael Jr shares what happened in the moments after his wife gave birth to their child, when he realized the power of a father’s voice.

Dear Dads: Spell FAME backwards

Father and son lying with their hands on cheeck. Young boy and his dad smiling and looking at camera. Portrait of happy family playing with tent in the garden.
If you are a father, you can be famous. Just spell fame backwards: Every Man As Father. What if we measured the fame of men in terms of the kind of fathers they are striving to become? How would that change and benefit your family? How would that change and benefit our Christian culture as…

Why did a good ‘Dad’ let them kill his Son?

Surprised Young Girl Against White Background
Your kids will probably ask you that question someday. Are you ready to answer? There isn’t a child or, quite frankly, an adult who finds that question simple to understand or answer. Surely God could have come up with a better way to save our souls than to kill his child. Good dads don’t let bad…

Like Father, Like Son [Book Excerpt]

“Tell me about your relationship with your father.” I’ve said this to countless men over the years because I’ve found it cuts to the heart of a man’s identity. The response usually tells me it is a tough subject. Many guys will pause, look down, and struggle to describe a subject that they probably wished…