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Your guide to 37 weeks of intentional prayer over your kids

We know that the stresses of the world are overwhelming right now. It’s already enough to think about meal planning, weekly activities, house chores, and everything else we juggle as parents. Not to mention all the other daily stressors you encounter! We’re right there with you.

But there’s good news!

God knows all of these daily stressors and he hears our prayers regarding the big AND small things. But sometimes we feel like we don’t have the right words to pray, especially when it comes to praying over our kids.

That’s why Christian Parenting has created our annual prayer journal, Key Psalms to Pray Over Your Kids! This beautiful resource draws from powerful scriptures found in the book of Psalms, helping parents to pray each week over their kids.

This prayer journal will guide you through 37 weeks of intentional prayer for your kids. 

Each week includes a focus verse, prayer points, journal space, and other related scriptures all centered around a key point. Some of these key points include:

  • The Key to Salvation
  • The Key to Joy
  • The Key to Our Identity
  • The Key to Struggling
  • The Key to Purity
  • The Key to Friendships

This is the third edition of our annual prayer journal, and it has helped thousands of parents pray for their children every week. One of those parents wrote us this past year saying,

I worked through the prayer journal last year, and it really helped me stay focused on God during a tough season in parenting and life. Having as many lines for gratitude as prayer requests helped retrain me to reflect on all He had done for me. At the end of the year, it was so meaningful to read back through the requests and praises to see how God’s hand moved in my family’s life, often aligning our path with our needs weeks before we knew enough to ask. I can’t start the school year without this! “– Linda

When you request this book by giving today, your donation helps reach more parents like Linda with the trusted guidance they need. So make sure to request your copy of Key Psalms to Pray Over Your Kids today!


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