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Remind your kids of who and whose they are in Christ!

He Calls You By Name: 30 Reminders of Your Identity in Christ cards are designed to remind your kids who they are in Christ. They are modern, they are biblically based, and they are a tangible way to remind your kids that they are loved and significant because of the One who loves them.

These limited-edition cards come with a sleek acrylic stand, so they can be visible reminders of our immense worth in Christ in your kid’s room, on the bathroom counter, or even in the kitchen for a quick glance as they grab breakfast or head out the door for school.

The front of the card has Scripture that talks about identity, and the back has a short summary of why that truth matters in their life and how it impacts who they really are.

Limited quantities of these cards are available, so request your copy today while supplies last!

These cards are our gift to you as a thank you for your donation to our ministry today. I am grateful for you joining me in finding every way we can to remind our kids of their immense worth in Christ.

“I just received these cards… so well made and worth the cost! I’m a single mom of four busy teen girls, and devotions, sadly, are the hardest things to make happen in our home. These are perfect, just the right size, to read through one card each Sunday and then have that visual reminder all week long. Satan is just looking for ways to attack our identity, so these are a much needed reminder. They spark good conversations too! Please, please make additional sets! Many blessings!” – Lyn


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