Moms in Prayer Podcast

January 10, 2022

Ep. 187 : Praying Scripture for Moms with Jodie Berndt

“There is never a need you are going to face that God has not covered in His word and even more in His character.” Today Stacy sits down with b est-selling author, speaker, and Moms in Prayer mom, Jodie Berndt.  She is here to share about the gift of praying God’s own words back to Him; how the whole Bible is meant not just to be read, but also to be prayed through. Listen in as Jodie shares the treasures the Lord revealed to her as she responded to His invitation to abide in His presence.     Read More

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About Moms in Prayer Podcast

The Moms in Prayer podcast is a place where we are encouraged and equipped as moms so we can better pray for, and impact the next generation. Our hearts desire is for every school, in every nation, all around the world, to be covered in prayer.

The Moms in Prayer Podcast is a ministry of Moms in Prayer International.

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About Stacy Callender

Stacy Callender is the host of the Moms in Prayer podcast. She has been involved in a Moms in Prayer group since her oldest child started kindergarten in 1999. She has served as the Southern California State Coordinator, and also in Women’s Ministry at her local church. She and her husband, Scott, live in Southern California where they have raised their four children, Megan, Bryce, Madison and Brendan. During her free time, Stacy enjoys eating Mexican food, hiking, and finding a bargain at TJ Maxx.


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