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Latest Episode : May 16, 2022

Ep. BONUS : Praying for our kids: Submission

The word “submission” oftentimes has a negative connotation in our culture and is probably not any of our go-to prayers for our kids. But submis sion is exactly what we’re praying this week because submitting to the Lord means placing ourselves under his authority—and that’s a big component of accepting Jesus and living for him.  My good friend Stephanie Martin joins us today to talk about how she prays for her family, and, as always, gives us a few laughs along the way. We also have a good discussion on how to submit our will for our kids to God, and we all know that’s not easy most days.   Read More

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Praying faith over our kids

September 28, 2020

About Pardon the Mess

Parenting can be messy. There’s lots of amazing moments followed by some really hard times that make it easy to be discouraged if we aren’t careful. Pardon the Mess tackles parenting with honest discussions about the ups and downs of parenting, and the lessons God has taught us along the way. It’s fun, it’s real, it’s biblical, and it’s for everyone!

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About Cynthia Yanof

Cynthia Yanof is a wife, mom, blogger, and the host of the Pardon the Mess podcast. She has a relaxed style of interviewing, combining her quick wit and sense of humor with a firm commitment to never taking herself too seriously.

She loves Jesus, her family, foster care, and having lots of friends around her as often as possible. Cynthia is relatable, real, and a friend to all of us just trying to walk the parenting road in a meaningful way that’s pleasing to the Lord.


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