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April 02, 2024

Parenting in the Digital Age –Part 1 with Chris Mckenna

This month I am doing a series on Parenting in the Digital Age and Taking Steps to Protect Our Kids from Porn. I kick of the series with a two-part interview with one of my personal heroes, Chris McKenna. Chris is the founder of the amazing organization Protect Young Eyes, whose mission is to show families, schools, and churches how to create safe digital spaces.  

In this episode, Chris and I talk about: 

*the quiet that is missing from the lives of children today.   

*the need to parent with empathy and compassion. 

*that it’s tough to raise kids right now, and it’s hard to be a kid right now. 

*our kids need to know we are on their team in this digital journey.  

*where digital trust is high, digital friction is low. 

*we need to stay calm when we’re talking to our kid about porn  

*we need to stay calm when we’re talking to them after they’ve seen porn. 

*we need to respond like Jesus, with grace and truth. (John 1:7) 

*the truth that porn is bad for them and that we must protect them and the grace for their mistake. 

*a child needs to know 2 things after he’s made a mistake: am I going to be OK and are you still OK with me? 

*parents have to do their own work in preparation for these moments. This is part of parenting in the digital age. 

*read the blog post where I talk to my daughter about the inappropriate half time show here

Be sure to come back for part two next week! 


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