Called to Love: An Adoption Podcast for Christian Parents

November 07, 2023

Lessons Learned in Our Adoption Journey with Somer & Corey

November is Adoption Awareness month and to celebrate and bring awareness, I am welcoming my husband Corey to the show to have a candid conversation about our 10 year adoption journey.

We hold nothing back as we share honest and raw stories from the many experiences both beautiful and hard and offer insight into how God’s calling doesn't always turn out as we planned but it is always as He ordained. 

It's not always easy to answer God's call to love when God's calling isn't clear or results are far from what you expect, but this is what inspired this ministry and we hope it inspires and encourages you in your current season. 

If you have questions or topics you'd like to hear discussed on this podcast, SEND ME AN EMAIL and I'd love to devote episodes to come to serve you and your family.

Thanks for listening!

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About Called to Love: An Adoption Podcast for Christian Parents

Whether you seek to add to your family through foster care, private domestic adoption or you are called to travel internationally, every adoption story is uniquely beautiful. Yet, each shares a common language of calling, loss, and hardship.

As Christian parents we have a deep desire to love and shepherd our children well, but it can be challenging to navigate loss, trauma and how to best love and guide our adopted children. One thing is for sure, adoption is more than a process, it is an invitation to go on a holy journey with the Lord and with your family. Like any journey, there will be valleys along with mountain tops and battles along with the beauty. The good news is, what the Lord calls you to, He will equip you for.

Wherever you are in your journey, Called to Love is here to bring you a weekly dose of encouragement from the practical, clinical, and Biblical perspective along with personal stories from adoptive parents, adult adoptees and advice from various experts to help your family thrive in your journey and continue to say “yes” to your own call to love.

About Somer Colbert

Somer Colbert is a writer, speaker and host of the Love Where You Are podcast. She is the Director of Adoption and Foster Care Ministry at Crosschurch and Connected Champion with the Arkansas Baptist Children and Family Ministries where she creates support, awareness and advocacy for families seeking to serve in the areas of adoption and foster care. She creates weekly podcast episodes and resources to equip and empower Christian families to identify their influence for the gospel in every season, live life on mission and share Jesus right where they are.  Somer is passionate about equipping spiritually healthy families and seeing a movement of God's people step into confidence in their ability to change the world around them through the way they love! 

She resides in Arkansas with her husband, three kids and three dogs. She's obsessed with British docudramas and cooking shows and can always be found with a cup of hot tea in hand. Her life has been forever changed by the love of Jesus, marriage to her favorite person, parenting her crazy crew and walking multiple adoption journeys. 

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