Along for the Ride

September 27, 2022

Ep. 42 : Kindness For Preschoolers | Along For The Ride Jr

Teaching kids how to be kind is a daily lesson! Reinforce kindness and imagination with your preschoolers by listening and playing along with this special episode of Along For The Ride Junior. Along For The Ride Junior episodes are written for preschoolers with special games and questions to engage their growing brains and interests! In this episode we’ll play a fun game that will stretch imaginations and then we'll play a kindness scenario game where kids will choose whats kind vs what's not kind - a great way to teach kindness! 

About Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride podcast makes everyday things more enjoyable by providing an interactive game show for your kids – and you!

This podcast is created to help you have more good times with your family while riding in the car. Whether you’re going to and from practice, driving to visit friends, waiting in line for grocery pickup, or on a road trip, there is always an opportunity to connect and have fun!

Along for the Ride is all about having fun, building character, and making memories. Listen now for a family-friendly interactive experience.

About JJ Campbell

JJ Campbell is the host of the Along for the Ride Podcast, a weekly interactive show that helps you have more good times with your family while riding in the car together. These fun activities get everybody talking and laughing and before you know it, strengthening family bonds and making special memories. 

She's always loved games and gets her best ideas for the show from childhood experiences and playing with her own baby boy, Evan. She says you can make any family experience enjoyable with some creativity and a fun mindset! 

You can find more about JJ and her podcast at Find her on Instagram @aftr_kidspodcast and say hi!


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