Parenting & Pennies

January 26, 2022

Ep. 4 : How to Create a Chore Chart for Your Kids

Are you struggling to figure out how to implement regular chores for your kids? Should you have chores for your kids? In this episode of Parenting & Pennies, Drs. Art and Sarah Rainer answer common questions about chores charts to help your family implement a system that works for you. We tackle some key questions, like: 1. How old should a child be to begin a chore chart? 2. How many chores should a child have? 3. Should a child be rewarded or paid for chores? 4. What is GreenLight? 5. What should I consider when developing a chore chart? 6. How can a chore chart be used to teach more than just behavior? Join Drs. Art and Sarah Rainer as they discuss practical tips for chore charts, but also how to utilize chores to teach important lessons that extend beyond behavior. Read More

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About Parenting & Pennies with Drs. Art and Sarah Rainer

From college savings to teaching children to give generously, Drs. Art and Sarah Rainer come alongside moms and dads to help them make today’s money decisions that will shape their child’s future.

About Drs. Art & Sarah Rainer

Art has his masters and doctorate degrees in Business Administration. He has worked in full-time ministry for 13 years, serving at a church and a theological seminary. He has written extensively on biblical stewardship and financial health. HIs passion is helping individuals become financially healthy for the sake of advancing God’s Kingdom. Art enjoys helping churches and pastors with financial decisions. Art hosts his own podcast, More Than Money, which discusses financial principles. For more information, visit

Sarah earned her masters and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology. She specializes in children and adolescent mental health and development. She loves viewing clinical research through a biblical lens, and then practically applying that to help families and children. Sarah has a passion to help families and children improve their relationships through biblical application and practical tips. Sarah also enjoys serving as a leader in women's discipleship, as well as being a guest for podcasting and writing for different organizations.

Art and Sarah have been married for 15 years and have three energetic boys. They are excited that God has chosen to blend their passions to encourage and build families in financial stewardship. They want to come alongside parents to help them make wise financial decisions that impact the future of their children.


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