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Latest Episode : May 05, 2021

Ep. 104 : How to Avoid Mothers’ Day Disappointment

There is no doubt, Mothers’ Day can be a mixed bag...While we often go into the holiday thinking we have low expectations, part way through the da y we often realize that we had really just stuffed our expectations. ;) Moms are the orchestrators of all-things-family-and-celebration, so a holiday that is all about US...? Well, it can be tricky! In today’s episode I share a blog post that went viral years ago and has since then been shared all over the world and even on the Today Show website. It is called “5 Ways to Avoid Mothers’ Day Disappointment.” Whether you think you need it or not, I highly recommend tuning in for a refresher! And please consider sharing this one with your friends! Who knows who might need it this year! Here’s to a No-Regrets-Mothers’ Day! SHOW NOTES: homepage:  Get your copy of BOY MOM today on Amazon! If you’ve read it already, please consider leaving an Amazon Review! -Also: your ratings and reviews for this podcast mean SO MUCH to me! If you have been impacted by the Boy Mom Podcast, please take a second to tap on 5 stars on your podcast app Read More

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Monica Swanson, author of the Boy Mom book, and blogger at, shares encouragement and inspiration for raising boys in today's world. Monica shares practical advice and Biblical wisdom through honest conversations, interviews with other boy moms, and light-hearted humor.

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About Monica Swanson

My husband Dave and I have been living in Hawaii for nearly 18 years. We arrived on the island with one son, and have had 3 more since. We moved to Oahu for my husband’s (3-year) medical residency training, and never left. (That seems to happen a lot around here.) We live on the North Shore on a hill in the country overlooking the “7 Mile miracle” — 7 miles of some of the best surfing beaches in the world. We grow tropical fruits, and in between surf sessions, I homeschool my 4 boys. Actually just 3 now — our oldest just took the long-dreaded-but-obviously-healthy-launch to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, Ca. I’m thrilled to report that he is very happy and adjusting well. We’re all trying to do the same.


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