Living Wholehearted

June 21, 2022

Ep. 136 : How Fathers Can Shrink Their Integrity Gaps

Do you enjoy the episodes when the Mattsons jump on the podcast to share their own insights and the principles they live and lead from? Well today is one of those days. Terra and Jeff are honest about their own humanity as they come alongside leaders from all over the country. So, Terra thought it would be fun to interview Jeff about his own journey as a dad to their two daughters as well as the many struggles and triumphs he sees walking alongside men who are attempting to shrink their own integrity gaps at home. Jeff shares a bit of his own personal losses with his father and how that has shaped his view of fatherhood for the better. H e also talks about the role dads can play in the global Courageous Girls movement Jeff and Terra founded years ago. Being a dad is one of the most significant leadership roles any man can have. If you are dad, want to be a dad, have a dad, or you are enjoying the role as a grandad these days, listen to this episode. You will be encouraged and you will learn some key principles about what it means to be a dad who lives and leads with integrity.  Read More

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About Living Wholehearted

We define a leader as anyone with a following. Whether you are a parent or a CEO, or both, how you lead matters. When a leader lives with integrity, everyone in their wake benefits. And when they don't, everyone in their wake pays, it's just a matter of time. We are a husband and wife team HELPING LEADERS of all types LIVE WITH INTEGRITY through Biblical, Clinical, and Relational Wisdom. The Living Wholehearted Podcast is filled with grace, hope, and practical tools to help you in every relationship that matters most to you in your home, work, and community. Become a leader who is shrinking their integrity gap between what you say and how you actually live. Join us in the movement of becoming a Wholehearted Leader!

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About Jeff and Terra Mattson

Jeff Mattson (MA ORL) and Terra Mattson (MA LPC, LMFT) are Christian Parenting spokespeople and the co-hosts of the Living Wholehearted Podcast in the Christian Parenting Podcast Network.


After two decades studying and working in leadership and trauma-informed therapy, Jeff and Terra are bridging the gap between Biblical, clinical, and relational wisdom to help leaders live with integrity in the home, work, and community.


They are the co-founders of Living Wholehearted, a professional counseling and organizational development firm. Terra is the author of Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace and together they co-authored Shrinking the Integrity Gap: Between what Leaders Preach and Live. Jeff and Terra have skin in the game as they raise their two daughters just outside Portland, OR on five acres of old growth woods. There is never a dull moment in the Mattson home!

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