September 22, 2020

Ep. 142 : God Created You To Be You with Jamie Ivey

What if we truly embraced the idea that God designed and created each of us to be who we are? What if we actually believed that God gave us unique t alent and gifts meant just for us? Learn to shift your mind and begin to understand what God has just for you in this episode of the allmomdoes Podcast with Julie Lyles Carr. Read More

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About allmomdoes

allmomdoes with Julie Lyles Carr is designed to equip and encourage you for the kids you’re raising, the marriages you’re nurturing, the work you’re building, all in the day and age in which you live. We aim to cover ALL mom does.

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About Julie Lyles Carr

Coffee Snob, except the opposite of that...let’s try Coffee Nonpartisan. As in, any coffee, all the time. Devoted runner…except when I’m not. Wife to Michael, the most beautiful man I ever did see. Mom to eight kids. ‘Cuz I’m edgy like that. Writing, speaking, photography, ministry. Sleep yearner.


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