Clever Cub Bible Stories

Latest Episode : April 18, 2023

Ep. 8 : Clever Cub Gives Thanks

It's important to say "Thank You" to God for all the good things in our lives. We can talk to God and tell Him we are grateful for our family, friends, food, toys, and everything else we have. We can also show God we are thankful by being kind and helpful to others, and by sharing with them. We can say "Thank You" to our parents, teachers, and friends for helping us, and be nice to them. By saying "Thank You" to God, we show that we are grateful for all the blessings we have received.

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About Clever Cub Bible Stories Podcast

Join the adventures of a curious little bear as Clever Cub learns more about the Bible and his own part in God’s story. Each episode shares a Bible story that comes alive through Clever Cub’s everyday adventures and helps your little ones explore the Word of God in new way.

Clever Cubs is Produced by David C Cook © 2022.  Based on the Clever Cub series published by David C Cook, written by Bob Hartman and illustrated by Steve Brown.   All rights reserved. Users are prohibited from redistributing or reselling content owned by David C Cook without express authorization. David C Cook Full terms of End User License Agreement can be found at:

About Bob Hartman & Steve Brown & David C Cook

Performance storyteller Bob Hartman is the creator of the YouVersion Bible App for Kids Bible stories, which have been downloaded 30 million times. His long list of children’s titles have sold over a million copies, including The Lion Storyteller Bible, which has been printed in eleven different languages.

Steve Brown is a UK-based freelance children’s illustrator. He has a passion for telling stories through his art and likes to use humor to delight children and adults alike.

David C Cook: David C Cook is a nonprofit organization dedicated to publishing and distributing leadership, discipleship, and worship resources to help Christians all over the world grow in their faith and pass it on to the next generation.


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