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November 07, 2023

Celebrating Advent with kids with Charity Rios

You are going to love my guest on the podcast today. Charity Rios is a mom of four young boys, an author, a writing coach, and a delightful person! She is so passionate about teaching kids about God and helping them develop a strong relationship with the Lord.


Today we are talking all about the season of Advent and Christmas. I know it feels so early, but Advent starts December 5th and all the Christmas décor has been out in stores for months!


Charity shares her heart for teaching kids about Jesus and following him, she gives us some examples of how she celebrates Advent with her family and encourages us to simplify our holiday traditions so that it’s not so overwhelming. And we, of course, cover the new Advent devotional that she wrote just for kids…Jesus, Light of the World


Listen to the end to hear Charity’s hope for kids who read this devotional, we were both brought to tears. I hope this episode encourages you in your walk with Jesus and in parenting kids to passionately follow Jesus, too. I also hope it helps you feel ready to enjoy the Advent season focusing on what really matters: the gift of Jesus’ birth.

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